White Maeng Da Kratom From Kraken Kratom Review


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In this episode of SpaceMarine’s Kratom Reviews, presented by Kratom Cafe, I review White Maeng Da Kratom powder from Kraken Kratom.

First off, this Kratom powder had an excellent smell and is clearly high quality, although the texture was very fine and a bit hard to toss n’ wash, since this Kratom was ‘nano grinded’. Basically, this Kratom powder really stuck to my mouth, and it took a lot of orange juice to get it down.

Effects And Experience Summary

I took 7-8 grams, which is a heavy dose, and relatively quickly energetic and euphoric effects began to kick in. The energy and euphoria lasted for hours, combined with a perfect balance of relaxation. Essentially, like other Kratom products, the effects were similar to Coffee except far more relaxing and euphoric.

After about 4 hours the effects began to wear off, leaving me sedated and relaxed.

Rating: 4 out of 5 stars

Overall, White Maeng Da Kratom from Kraken Kratom seems perfect for work, since it is mostly energizing with not much sedation. Also, relative to other types of Kratom it is high quality, although perhaps not the highest quality that I have ever tried. Therefore, I give White Maeng Da Kratom from Kraken Kratom 4 out of 5 stars.

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