The Ultimate Guide To All Of The Kratom Strains

This article will attempt to describe all of the Kratom strains in as much detail as possible, first by exploring strain colors and then by exploring each type of strain. This article mostly relies on my 10 years of Kratom experience, during which time I must have tried over 100 strains, so first off it is critical to say that everyone’s reaction to each Kratom strain will be different, since everyone’s body responds differently to Kratom. That being said, some general things could be said about each particular Kratom strain that apply to everyone.

This article will start by exploring the different colors of Kratom strains, before jumping into individual Kratom strains.

The Kratom Rainbow: Red, White, Green, Gold, Yellow

There are so many Kratom colors nowadays that it can be utterly confusing. In general however, Red means that the Kratom will be more sedating, relaxing, and have more opioid analgesic effects. Apparently, Gold is pretty much the same as Red, but a little different. Green means that the Kratom will be more energizing and have less sedation, or in other words it will have more of a stimulant effect. White Kratom is somewhere in-between, and Yellow is also in-between but different than White.

In general, if I really want to relax I take Red, if I want to get hyped up I take Green, and if I want something wild and different I’ll take Yellow or White.

Regardless of the type of Kratom strain, whether it be Thai, Bali, Vietnam, etc., I find that these general rules described in this section hold true. However, once in awhile Kratom strains throw me a curveball, and a Green could end up feeling like a really strong Red, so it depends.

All The Different Kratom Strains

Kratom strains generally get their names from different regions where Kratom grows, with some exceptions like Bali and Maeng Da. Essentially, different climate conditions, different soil compositions, and genetic mutations lead to Kratom trees having different alkaloid profiles and therefore different effects, and this is where the idea of Kratom strains comes from.

Notably, because the alkaloid profiles within Kratom can change if the weather is different from year to year, a different batch of Kratom from the same exact strain can have different effects. Further, Kratom is grown in many different regions across Indonesia, with differing soil and weather, so the a batch of Bali from one region will have different effects from a batch of Bali from another reason.

Basically, whenever you get a new batch of Kratom it’s always gonna be a little different from any other Kratom you’ve had before, but I actually think that this is an exciting aspect of Kratom.

Bali: The Strain With The Most Opioid Effects

Bali is my favorite Kratom since it provides the strongest opioid effects, including powerful euphoria and analgesia followed by intense sedation. For people quitting synthetic opioids and opiates, Bali is almost always the best bet. Indeed, Bali is not a particular Kratom strain, rather the name Bali is given to the strain with the highest concentration of 7-hydroxymitragynine at any given time, which is the most potent Kratom alkaloid.

Maeng Da: Perhaps The Most Euphoric Kratom

Maeng Da literally means pimp grade, meaning it has a high concentration of alkaloids, and it provides a blast of powerful euphoria. Maeng Da is perhaps the best Kratom if you are trying to party or doing anything else social. It makes me extremely talkative and happy. Also, in general Maeng Da can be very stimulating and energetic, and provides less sedation than Bali.

Borneo: Bali’s Close Cousin

Borneo is named after the island of Borneo in Indonesia, which is a gigantic island where tons of Kratom grows. In general Borneo is quite similar to Bali, and provides strong relaxation, sedation, and opioid analgesia. I’ve had batches of Borneo that were stronger than batches of Bali, it really just depends on the batch whether it will be stronger or weaker than Bali. In any case, whenever Bali was not available in the past, I would choose Borneo because it is similar.

Elephant: Unique And Strong

Elephant Kratom comes from a special type of Kratom tree which has giant leaves shaped like elephant ears, and it has a unique alkaloids profile. In general I have found that Elephant Kratom is powerful and quite different than other Kratom strains. It provides strong euphoria and energy, but can turn very sedating too. I recommend Elephant to Kratom users who are looking for a new and special experience.

Thai: Incredibly Relaxing And Calming

Thai Kratom is a strain native to Thailand, but in general it is transplanted from Thailand and grown in Indonesia. The real remarkable thing about Thai Kratom is that it is so incredibly calming and relaxing. You could be having the worst day God forbid, but if you take Thai Kratom you will be transported into a world of complete serenity. Aside from that, Thai Kratom can be fairly sedating as well.

Vietnam: It’s Unique

Just like the Thai Kratom, Vietnam Kratom is originally from Vietnam but transplanted and grown in Indonesia. Vietnam Kratom is not the most sedating/relaxing nor the most energizing, but the one really notable thing about Vietnam Kratom is how articulate it makes me feel. Vietnam Kratom leads to great conversations and can enhance work, and is overall a unique experience.

Malay: Super Potent

Malay Kratom gets its name from growing near the Malaysian border of Indonesia on the island of Borneo, and in general Malay Kratom has a super high alkaloid concentration and is potent. In-fact, Malay Kratom is comparable to Bali and Borneo in terms of opioid analgesia and euphoria, although it is a touch more stimulating. Overall Malay is one of the strongest Kratom strains.

Sumatra: Unique And Strong

Sumatra Kratom grows on the island of Sumatra in Indonesia, which has rich soil and a deep tropical climate, leading to prolific Kratom growth and a unique alkaloid profile. Sumatra provides an all around experience of euphoria, energy, relaxation, and analgesia, although it is weaker than Bali. However, Sumatra Kratom is unique from all the other strains and is worth trying.

Indo: A Strong And Pleasant Strain

Indo Kratom is seemingly named after Indonesia, which would not mean much since 95% of Kratom comes from Indonesia. Aside from that however, Indo has a high concentration of 7-hydroxymitragynine, and in general I have found that it is a powerful strain that provides mostly sedative, relaxing, and analgesic effects. Although it is not as strong as Bali, it’s pretty close.

Dragon: Similar To Thai But Unique

Dragon Kratom is from Thailand and transplanted in Indonesia, so it is intensely relaxing and calming like Thai Kratom. Dragon Kratom is a good option for people that love Thai’s serene effects and want a unique variation.

Horn: Similar To Maeng Da But Unique

Horn Kratom is from a special variety of Kratom trees which have horn shaped leaves, and it has a unique alkaloids profile. It is most comparable to Maeng Da, since it provides powerful euphoria and stimulation, although it is unique, so if you like Maeng Da and want a variation you should try Horn Kratom.

Hulu: A Balanced Experience

Hulu Kratom is grown in a dense and ancient Kratom forest near the Hulu River, and due to the maturity of the trees and the unique environment, Hulu Kratom has a different alkaloid profile from other strains. It is generally a nice balance of energy and relaxation, and is good for work since it doesn’t cause much sedation.

Bentuangie: High In 7-hydroxymitragynine

Bentuangie Kratom is known for having a very high concentration of 7-hydroxymitragynine, since it has gone through an extra special fermentation process, and it is a prototypical Red strain, providing strong relaxation, analgesia, and euphoria. It is a good option for people who like Bali and Borneo and want a variation.

It Is Best To Try All The Kratom Strains, Since They All Provide Unique Experiences

This article was based on my collective personal experiences, but everyone is different, so I recommend that if you are a Kratom enthusiast that you should try all the Kratom strains and find which ones best suit you. Also, it can be quite exciting to take a different Kratom strain from time to time, and it helps keep tolerance lower.

On a final note, the Kratom colors described in the beginning of this article apply to all strains, so not only can you try all the different Kratom strains to find which one is best, but also you can try the Red/Gold version for more relaxation and sedation, the Green version for more energy and simulation, and the White or Yellow for something in-between. I recommend that Kratom users not only try every type of strain, but also every color for each strain, since literally every single one of them is unique in its own special way.

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