The Opioid Pandemic Would Have Never Happened If It Wasn’t For Big Pharma, And Big Pharma Can’t Be The One To Fix It Since They Continue To Make The Same Greed-Fueled Mistakes

At this point in time the Opioid Pandemic is so prevalent that it seems like a force of nature. However, the Opioid Pandemic is a man-made crisis. Also, the same people who caused the Opioid Pandemic continue to exacerbate it with fake cures, like Methadone and Buprenorphine, as well as by doing everything they can to flood the country with opioid medications, as will be described in this article.

Starting at the beginning, decades ago doctors already knew that opioids were extremely addictive, and were wary about prescribing too much of them to patients.

However, that all changed when Purdue Pharma released Oxycontin in 1995. Purdue Pharma used aggressive marketing and sales tactics to spread Oxycontin to every hospital and every doctor. Worst of all, Purdue Pharma and all the people working for them purposely lied about Oxycontin’s safety. Basically, they said because Oxycontin is time release that it is not addictive, when in-fact it was extremely addictive since each pill contained up to 80 mg of Oxycodone.

Literally, Oxycontin is just as strong and addictive as Heroin, yet Purdue Pharma marketed it as safe and benign. Of course, patients instantly became hooked, and the opioid crisis was born. Other Big Pharma companies followed suit by aggressively marketing synthetic opioids, and pill mills popped up everywhere, where bad doctors gave out tremendous amounts of opioids.

The saga of the opioid crisis’ beginning can be watched in the Netflix documentary ‘The Pharmacist‘, where a pharmacist’s son died during a drug deal gone wrong, and then the pharmacist worked hard to shutdown a local pill mill.

That brings up the next phase of the opioid crisis, which is when drug overdose deaths rapidly spiked due to pill mills, and then regulators stepped in to shut down the pill mills.

Ultimately the only thing accomplished by shutting down the pill mills was that the untold millions of Americans already addicted to opioids sought out illegal drugs on the streets, like Heroin and Fentanyl, leading to even more deaths and chaos.

In response to the rapidly rising deaths, Big Pharma, the same people who caused the crisis, marketed the medications Buprenorphine and Methadone as a cure. When it comes down to it, Buprenorphine and Methadone are just as addictive and deadly as all of the other synthetic opioids and opiates.

Literally, Big Pharma is exacerbating the Opioid Pandemic via offering ‘treatments’ which do nothing to cure opioid addiction, and actually these ‘treatments’ worsen opioid addiction.

Further, Big Pharma continues to aggressively market opioid medications, and also is lobbying the government to ease up restrictions so they can flood the country with more and more opioids.

Coming full circle, Big Pharma caused the Opioid Pandemic with greed-fueled and dishonest marketing/sales tactics, and Big Pharma continues to exacerbate the Opioid Pandemic by using the same tactics to this day.

It is clear Big Pharma cannot be the one to fix the Opioid Pandemic, since they are hell bent on only making it worse, since the worse it gets the more money they make.

This is where Kratom comes in. Kratom is the actual cure for the Opioid Pandemic, and there is a mountain of scientific and subjective evidence that Kratom cures opioid dependence/addiction.

In-fact, because Kratom is the actual cure and solution for the Opioid Pandemic, Big Pharma is fighting hard to get Kratom banned, which would make them big bucks since the Opioid Pandemic would permanently spiral out of control.

It’s not a hopeless situation though. We need to fight hard to protect Kratom’s legality, spread Kratom to as many people as possible, and expose Big Pharma’s evil for the whole world to see, and with this strategy we can put a dent in the Opioid Pandemic, and maybe one day end this pandemic which kills over 50,000 Americans per year.

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