In the Kratom fight the FDA is given too much credence. Indeed, the FDA’s entire strategy is to make themselves seem like they have all the power, and that they they can decide what to do for society when it comes to Kratom. The actual reality is that God has infinite power, and the FDA is nothing before God, and ultimately no matter what the FDA does, God will prevail and Kratom will be available to everyone who needs it, since Kratom is part of God’s divine plan to rid sickness from the world.

The FDA is only trying to do evil, by trying to get Kratom banned while simultaneously promoting the distribution and proliferation of synthetic opioids and other dangerous prescription chemicals. The FDA thinks they can play this game and manipulate the people, and bring this evil upon the world, all in the name of profit. However, all of the evil that the FDA and Big Pharma does will only sink them in the end, and they have no power to stop God’s divine plan to heal the sick with Kratom.

Literally, Kratom is a divine medicine which protects people and save lives despite all the terrible chemicals and pollutants that are attacking our bodies. Although all the illnesses that are occurring, like Cancer, drug addiction, chronic pain, and mental illness are horrible, God has directly provided the miracle of Kratom to counteract these evils.

Considering this, no matter what the FDA or any other government agency does, they will never be able to stop Kratom. The FDA and anyone else who tries to take away the people’s right to Kratom are nothing before God, and God will not let them succeed.

Indeed, this is why despite all odds Kratom remains legal. In-fact, the DEA tried to schedule Kratom in 2016, and miraculously Kratom was not scheduled in the end. This is an outright miracle from God, and these sort of miracles will continue to happen.

Ultimately, all of the evil plans that the FDA and Big Pharma are concocting will be blown to bits. Literally, the evil that they are sowing will be their undoing, in the sense that all of the sins they commit by poisoning people with prescription chemicals and trying to ban divine medicines like Kratom will lead to their downfall.

The key point is that in the end Kratom will always remain legal, and in all the places where it is banned it will be legalized. We should not fear the FDA or have the stance that they have the power to stop people from using Kratom, since Kratom is part of God’s divine plan to heal the sick, and God will certainly not let evil entities like Big Pharma and the FDA win.