A little over 4 years ago on August 30 2016 the Drug Enforcement Administration (DEA) announced its intent to declare Kratom a Schedule I drug, which would have made Kratom illegal nationwide. Ultimately Kratom remained legal after an outpouring of positive Kratom advocacy from hundreds of thousands of Kratom users, which was an outright miracle since the DEA had never before reversed a drug scheduling decision. However, this incident was too close for comfort, and ever since 2016 all Kratom users have feared that one day the DEA would try to ban Kratom again.

However, another miracle has happened, which is that the DEA has not tried to ban Kratom in the past 4 years. Notably, this lines up exactly with the time that Trump has president.

Essentially, under the Trump administration there have been no attempts to ban Kratom nationwide. Indeed, President Trump assumed office in January 2017, so the attempted DEA Kratom ban occurred near the end of the Obama administration.

Considering this simple fact, it seems clear that the Trump administration does not have banning Kratom on their agenda, and therefore if Trump is re-elected, it is probable that Kratom would remain legal for the next 4 years of Trump’s administration.

On the other hand, Joe Biden was Vice President during the Obama administration, and it can be speculated that if Biden wins he will bring in all the same people that worked in the Obama administration, including possibly some of the people who pushed for Kratom to be banned.

Thus, I believe that if Trump wins then Kratom is likely to remain legal for the next 4 years, whereas if Biden wins then there could be another attempt to declare Kratom a Schedule I drug.

This article is of course speculation, but it is something to consider when voting on November 3.

*Author’s note: I am almost entirely apolitical, and I am neither a Trump nor Biden supporter, but when it comes to Kratom I do care, since millions of lives hang in the balance*