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The Ultimate Guide To All Of The Kratom Strains

This article will attempt to describe all of the Kratom strains in as much detail as possible, first by exploring strain colors and then by exploring each type of strain. This article mostly relies on my 10 years of Kratom experience, during which time I must have tried over 100 strains, so first off it is critical to say that everyone’s reaction to each Kratom strain will be different, since everyone’s body responds differently to Kratom. That being said, some general things could be said about each particular Kratom strain that apply to everyone. This article will start by...

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The Most Popular Kratom Strains: Maeng Da And Bali

It can be hard to choose the right Kratom strain since there are so many dozens of Kratom strains available. Indeed, Amazing Botanicals has over 50 types of Kratom strains. This article discusses the most highly rated Kratom strains based on reviews on Amazing Botanicals, as well as my personal experience. The most highly rated Kratom strain on Amazing Botanicals by far is Green Maeng Da. Maeng Da in general is known for having a high concentration of alkaloids, and in my experience Maeng Da produces tons of euphoria and energy, especially Green Maeng Da, since Green Kratom strains...

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