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The FDA Has Developed A New Handheld Device To Instantly Detect Kratom, And They Are Using It To Interfere With International Kratom Shipments

Even though the Coronavirus Pandemic is the only thing the Food and Drug Administration (FDA) should be focused on right now, they are still fixated on attacking Kratom, a natural plant which benefits 15 million Americans. The latest news from the FDA is that they have developed a new handheld device which can instantly detect Kratom, and this device is intended to be used by international mail carriers to prevent Kratom from reaching the United States. Specifically, the Forensic Chemistry Center at the FDA has published a paper titled ‘Detection of Mitragynine in Mitragyna Speciosa (Kratom) Using Surface-Enhanced Raman...

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The FDA Has Partnered With Internet Registries To Shutdown Websites Which Are Selling Unregulated Opioids, And Could Eventually Start Taking Down Kratom Websites

The United States Food and Drug Administration (FDA) has partnered with internet registries to take down websites which sell opioids, and there is a chance they could use this strategy to take down Kratom websites in the future. Specifically, the FDA is working with the National Telecommunications and Information Administration (NTIA), and has partnered with the internet registries Neustar, Verisign, and Public Internet Registry. The FDA will send a warning letter to sites which illegally sell unregulated opioids, and if these sites do not respond within the required time frame than the internet registry will ‘voluntarily’ block or suspend...

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The Kratom Industry Has Attempted To Become Properly Regulated And Provide The Evidence Needed For Kratom To Be Declared A New Dietary Ingredient (NDI), But The FDA Has Infinite Frivolous Excuses And Rejects These Applications

The most recent article on Kratom Cafe discusses how Kratom would no longer be under scrutiny from the Food and Drug Administration (FDA) if it could be proven that Kratom was marketed for human consumption in the United States before October 1994, since any supplement marketed before that date is grandfathered in and does not need to be approved by the FDA. Unfortunately, it has been quite difficult to prove this despite massive efforts over the years to find such evidence. However, there is another way. Kratom could be approved as a new dietary ingredient (NDI) by the FDA,...

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If Anyone Can Prove That Kratom Was Marketed For Human Consumption In The USA Before 1994, Then The FDA Would Not Be Able To Attack Kratom Anymore

The Food and Drug Administration (FDA) continues to wage a protracted war against Kratom, and over the years tremendous amounts of Kratom has been seized, causing big losses for Kratom vendors and leading to higher prices and less variety for Kratom users. Further, Kratom has been banned in several states and municipalities, depriving millions of Americans of the only safe alternative to synthetic opioids and opiates, and this has undoubtedly destroyed countless lives that could have been saved by Kratom. Even worse, the FDA is persistently threatening to get Kratom banned on a Federal level, which would cause a...

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FDA Letter From 2017 Says That Kratom Should Be Avoided Until It Goes Through The FDA Review Process, But The FDA Refuses To Review Kratom

Former Food and Drug Administration (FDA) Commissioner Scott Gottlieb, who served on the boards of multiple Big Pharma companies before he started the FDA war against Kratom and once again is on the boards of multiple Big Pharma companies now that he has left the FDA, published a letter in November 2017 about the ‘deadly risks associated with Kratom’, and this letter is chock full of double-talk, including that the FDA hasn’t reviewed Kratom yet and therefore Kratom should be avoided. In the letter, it specifically says “To date, no marketer has sought to properly develop a drug that...

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The FDA Gets Over A Billion Dollars Per Year From Big Pharma, Which Likely Explains Why They Choose Dangerous Prescription Opioids Over Kratom

The Food and Drug Administration (FDA) has acted quite maliciously towards Kratom by continuing to spread misinformation about Kratom despite a plethora of peer reviewed scientific studies which have proven that Kratom is safe and has efficacy in ending addictions to synthetic opioids and opiates. The likely reason for the FDA’s behavior is that they get roughly $1.2 billion per year from Big Pharma, mostly for the drug approval process, influencing the FDA to do what Big Pharma wants, and since Kratom is competition to prescription synthetic opioids, the FDA is trying to get rid of Kratom. According to...

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Kratom Is Facing A Serious Threat: The FDA Is Saying The DEA Will Schedule It Soon, And The FDA Is Simultaneously Saying Kratom Is An Unapproved Food Additive

Some people may think that the Kratom fight reached its crescendo in 2016 when the Drug Enforcement Administration (DEA) announced its intention to make Kratom a Schedule 1 illegal drug, at which point millions of Kratom users stood up to let legislators and the DEA know that Kratom is life saving, and ultimately the DEA decided not to schedule Kratom. However, the Kratom fight is just as extreme and serious as it was back in 2016. First off, multiple states tried to ban Kratom this year, including Maryland, South Dakota, New Hampshire, and Mississippi, and these bans were only...

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The FDA Seized Millions Of Dollars Of Kratom In 2014 And 2016 In States Where Kratom Is Legal, And The Thefts Continue To This Day Due To The Import Alert

The United States Food and Drug Administration (FDA) has waged a misinformation war against Kratom for years, claiming that Kratom is a deadly opioid even though there has never been a death scientifically proven to be due to Kratom, and science has proven that Kratom is fundamentally safer than morphine-like opioids and cannot cause respiratory failure. The FDA’s war against Kratom reached a fevered pitch in 2016, when the FDA almost successfully got Kratom banned nationwide, but millions of Kratom users stepped up to inform legislators and regulators that Kratom has benefited their lives, if not saved their lives....

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Tobacco Is FDA Approved Despite Killing Over 900 People Every Hour, Yet The FDA Is Against Kratom Even Though It Has Caused Zero Deaths

The Food and Drug Administration (FDA) has been on a warpath against Kratom for years, saying it is a deadly opioid and must be banned. The FDA tried to justify its anti-Kratom stance by saying it killed 44 people. However, the Centers for Disease Control (CDC) analyzed all of the ‘Kratom related deaths’, which is 152 cases, and found that almost all of them involved polydrug abuse, and ultimately not a single death could be scientifically proven to be due to Kratom. That being said, the Kratom fight has often lost sight of the forest through the trees, or...

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