Air Shipments Cut Off From Indonesia Due To The Coronavirus Pandemic, Which Means Kratom Imports Into The United States Have Been Drastically Reduced

A post on reddit earlier today indicated that shipments from Indonesia had been mostly cut off due to the Coronavirus Pandemic, which is a big deal since Indonesia supplies 95% of the United States’ Kratom. Specifically, the post mentions that POS Indonesia and DHL, the two most readily available methods for shipping Kratom from Indonesia, have been shut down. Comments from other people on reddit indicate that air cargo is definitely shutdown, and that the ports in Indonesia are like ghost towns, but apparently with the right connections it is…

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Kratom Can Provide Relief From Coronavirus Symptoms, And It Has Antiviral And Immunostimulant Properties

The Coronavirus is the biggest news of this year, and its changing life as we know it at least temporarily, with schools, sports leagues, public events, and many workplaces closing down. The reason that the government is taking these measures to stop the spread of the virus is to ‘flatten the curve’. This basically means that the government is resigned to the fact that the Coronavirus will completely spread, but wants the cases to come in slower so hospitals and emergency services aren’t overwhelmed. This is because there is no…

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