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The Opioid Pandemic Would Have Never Happened If It Wasn’t For Big Pharma, And Big Pharma Can’t Be The One To Fix It Since They Continue To Make The Same Greed-Fueled Mistakes

At this point in time the Opioid Pandemic is so prevalent that it seems like a force of nature. However, the Opioid Pandemic is a man-made crisis. Also, the same people who caused the Opioid Pandemic continue to exacerbate it with fake cures, like Methadone and Buprenorphine, as well as by doing everything they can to flood the country with opioid medications, as will be described in this article. Starting at the beginning, decades ago doctors already knew that opioids were extremely addictive, and were wary about prescribing too much of them to patients. However, that all changed when...

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Big Pharma Aggression Continues: Another Study Has Been Published Which Ignores The Science And Tries To Make Kratom Look Dangerous And Addictive With Zero Actual Evidence

Big Pharma is getting more and more aggressive with its misinformation campaign against Kratom, and a major part of this campaign is to publish scientific studies which ignore the science and say that Kratom is dangerous and addictive. Essentially, Big Pharma funds these sort of bunk Kratom studies in order to build up a list of scientifically published evidence that Kratom should be banned, and this is actually a serious threat to Kratom’s legality. The latest bunk paper is from the Department of Psychiatry and Behavioral Sciences at the University of Louisville School of Medicine, and titled ‘Kratom: A...

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Big Pharma Wants To Turn Kratom Users Into Addicts: The Dangerous And Addictive Synthetic Opioids Buprenorphine And Dihydrocodeine Proposed As ‘Treatment’ Drugs For Kratom Users

A new study has been published, titled ‘Kratom Dependence and Treatment Options: A Comprehensive Review of the Literature’, and what it proposes is absolutely evil. Essentially, this study argues that Kratom use leads to a serious addiction, and that doctors should give Kratom users sublingual Buprenorphine and intravenous Dihydrocodeine. Literally, this study proposes injecting Kratom users with intravenous synthetic opioids to ‘cure’ their addiction, but reading between the lines, what this study is really proposing is turning Kratom users into synthetic opioid addicts. Even worse, just one month ago another study was published which proposes giving Kratom users Buprenorphine....

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Big Pharma Is Flooding The Country With Over 100 Million Bottles Of Prescription Opioids Per Year, Fueling The Opioid Pandemic And The Drug War

The Agency for Healthcare Research and Quality (AHRQ), which is within the United States Department of Health and Human Services, has released a new report which definitively reveals how Big Pharma is flooding the country with prescription opioids. In 2017 there were 110.4 million outpatient prescription opioid fills, i.e., in 2017 at least 110.4 million bottles of prescription opioids were dispensed. Therefore, it is safe to say that Big Pharma floods the country with over 100 million bottles of prescription opioids per year. Notably, this number does not include the amount of prescription opioids that are being dispensed in...

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Big Pharma Is Projecting That The Opioid Pandemic Will Become Much Worse, And Using These Projections To Attract Investments

Big Pharma runs the Opioid Pandemic like a business, and just like any other business, they issue market reports showing the state of the market and projections for growth in order to attract investment. This article reveals the pure greed and evil that comprises the backbone of Big Pharma. Specifically, there is a market report titled ‘Opioid Use Disorder Market Worth $4.5 Billion by 2026 | CAGR: 10.1%: Grand View Research, Inc.’ which was broadcast over the global PRNewswire, just like other corporate announcements and market reports. When it comes down to it, this report is saying that the...

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The FDA Gets Over A Billion Dollars Per Year From Big Pharma, Which Likely Explains Why They Choose Dangerous Prescription Opioids Over Kratom

The Food and Drug Administration (FDA) has acted quite maliciously towards Kratom by continuing to spread misinformation about Kratom despite a plethora of peer reviewed scientific studies which have proven that Kratom is safe and has efficacy in ending addictions to synthetic opioids and opiates. The likely reason for the FDA’s behavior is that they get roughly $1.2 billion per year from Big Pharma, mostly for the drug approval process, influencing the FDA to do what Big Pharma wants, and since Kratom is competition to prescription synthetic opioids, the FDA is trying to get rid of Kratom. According to...

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