Stop Wasting Your Money On Expensive And Low Quality Kratom From Headshops

Yesterday I walked into a headshop, aka smoke shop, to buy some nicotine vape juice. At the counter was a customer buying a bunch of Kratom. I asked the store clerk how much the Kratom cost and he said $1 a gram. I bit my lip and didn’t say anything out of respect. The customer then paid about $53 for 50 grams of Kratom because there was tax too.

This is an absurd price to pay for Kratom, especially when considering that the Kratom at this headshop is low quality. I’ve tried it before and it gave me rashes, nausea, and barely worked. It just had the slightest hint of Kratom feeling, and it didn’t even cheer me up, especially cause it made me feel sick. I believe it might be cut with other plant material. So not only is the headshop charging a ridiculous amount for the Kratom, but they are probably cutting it too to make even more money, at the expense of customer’s health.

This headshop is not alone in having ridiculous prices and low quality Kratom. Another headshop owner down the street claims to be really generous and charges ‘only’ $0.50 per gram, and his Kratom is obviously cut and always causes rashes and nausea.

Therefore, I assume that extremely expensive and low quality Kratom leaf powder is common amongst headshops, and Kratom users should stop wasting their money.

Instead Kratom users should buy from a reputable vendor like Amazing Botanicals, which charges as little as $0.13 per gram for a kilogram of Kratom powder. This is 87% cheaper than the headshop I went to yesterday, or equivalently the headshop is roughly 700% more expensive. Assuming a Kratom user takes 10 grams a day, then Amazing Botanicals Kratom only costs $9 per week, whereas the headshop Kratom costs $70 per week.

Further, Amazing Botanicals Kratom is lab tested and guaranteed to be 100% pure and natural, and is therefore of the highest quality, whereas headshop Kratom is low quality and often purposely cut so it is not 100% pure. Indeed, someone taking headshop Kratom might need 20-30 grams a day to get the same effect as 10 grams of Amazing Botanicals Kratom, making the headshop Kratom even more expensive.

Thus, don’t buy Kratom at headshops, buy it from a reputable vendor like Amazing Botanicals. I really wish I could have told the customer in the headshop yesterday all of this information, since it saddens me to see Kratom users spending exorbitant amounts of money for low quality product.

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