It is just before midnight, and I am about to smoke some Kratom. Before I go further, the information in this article is not indicative of what will happen if you smoke regular Kratom powder. Indeed, smoking regular Kratom powder is not a good idea and won’t be a good experience.

That being said, as described in a previous article on Kratom Cafe, the one time in my life that I had Kratom leaves, before now, I did put some Kratom leaf in a pipe and smoked it, and it seemed to have enjoyable effects. After the success of that experiment, I speculated that fresh Kratom leaves were indeed smokeable.

Now I will put smoking Kratom to the ultimate test. Today I met a local Kratom grower, since I am in the only region of the United States where Kratom can thrive outside, and he gave me a couple of professionally rolled Kratom cigarettes.

Unlike the first time I smoked Kratom, where I used fairly immature leaves, this time I am smoking mature leaves that have high alkaloid content (an example of a fresh leaf from a mature tree can be seen in the article image). Also, this leaf material has been properly cured so that it will be readily smokeable.

Indeed, I am just learning now that only older Kratom plants have high alkaloid concentrations in their leaves, so my first smoking experience where I smoked immature Kratom leaves wasn’t that good of a test of Kratom’s smokeability.

T+ 0 To start this experiment, I smell the cigarette and it has an indescribably nice Kratom aroma. It’s not the bitter aroma of Kratom powder, it’s a much more delicate and fine aroma that can only come from fresh leaf.

I then light up the ‘Kratomette’, and to my shock, the smoke is incredibly pleasant tasting and smooth.

T + 3 I take deep lungfuls of the Kratom smoke, and I am instantly feeling a buzz. After some more puffs, the euphoria and relaxation is unmistakeable. This Kratomette brings on an extremely peaceful and meditative state, and it tastes really good.

T + 5 The Kratomette has already burned down, but every second of it was immensely enjoyable. I am left with floaty and warm opioid feelings and a definite surge of euphoria.

T + 10 The warm opioid feelings have really surged in the roughly 5 minutes after finishing the Kratomette. I feel toasty and cozy like I am sitting next to a fireplace.

I am left with no doubt in my mind that Kratom is indeed smokeable, and it can bring about rapid and pleasant opioid and euphoric effects when smoked.

I certainly give this experience 5 out of 5, but I feel like it can be improved. First off, a filter makes for a smoother smoke but without it the Kratom would be stronger. Secondly, the Kratomette was a bit loose, causing it to burn down quick, and I want to use my joint rolling techniques to make a really tight Kratomette.

I break down a Kratomette, and the picture of the crushed leaf used to make it can be seen in the below photo. Notably, the crushed leaf is quite green, indicating how fresh it is.

I then break out the rolling paper, and after much rolling, pushing, shaking, and twisting, I have a sufficiently compact Kratomette.

T + 25 I’m still feeling the deeply meditative and peaceful effects of the first Kratomette, and now lighting up this next one.

T + 26 The smoke is more intense without the filter, but I like it even better. Still smooth and a great taste, and this time burning slow.

As I smoke this, one thing I want to emphasize is how incredibly smokeable fresh Kratom leaf is. It tastes and feels like it’s meant to be smoked.

T + 30 With each puff the Kratom effects are intensifying, relaxation bordering on a mild intoxication with lots of floatiness and waviness, and strong opioid effects.

And just that quick, the 2nd Kratomette is done, and at this point I am sufficiently satisfied with this level of Kratom feeling. Even though I only smoked maybe a couple of grams of leaf material, it feels like I took a dose of 7-10 grams of Kratom.

T + 40 Relaxing effects quickly turning into sedation, and I am going to bed.

Thus, Kratom is indeed smokeable, as long as you are smoking fresh Kratom leaf. In-fact, this experience was so nice that I wish I could smoke fresh Kratom leaf everyday. It is by no means mild or a placebo, it has full blown and intensely relaxing Kratom effects.