Scientists Find That Kratom Alleviates The Symptoms Of Psychosis, Making Kratom An Excellent Alternative To The Current Regimen Of Psychosis Meds Which Have Highly Negative Side-Effects

It is already well-known among Kratom users that Kratom is an excellent supplement for mental health. Indeed, some real-life stories about how Kratom helped people with depression, stress, anxiety, bipolar, and PTSD can be read at this link.

Apparently psychosis is yet another mental health order that can be treated with Kratom according to a scientific study.

Specifically, a scientific study from the University of Malaya titled ‘Mitragyna speciosa┬áLeaf Extract Exhibits Antipsychotic-Like Effect with the Potential to Alleviate Positive and Negative Symptoms of Psychosis in Mice‘ has found that Kratom alleviates the symptoms of psychosis, and that in general Kratom has anti-psychotic properties.

Psychosis symptoms come in two flavors, positive and negative. Positive symptoms, which are quite bad despite being called ‘positive’, include delusions and hallucinations, and this is caused by an over-abundance of dopamine in the Mesolimbic Pathway. Negative symptoms include complete loss of pleasure in normal activity, withdrawing from family/friends/society, and flattening of emotional responses.

The psych meds which exist now to treat psychosis come with extreme symptoms, including tardive dyskinesia where your jaw locks up and it feels like you’re constantly being electrocuted, as well as weight gain, heart arrhythmias, dystonia (uncontrollable muscle movements, once again like being electrocuted), and a severe reduction in the immune system.

Indeed, the reason that these scientists investigated Kratom is because the symptoms of psychosis meds are so bad that an alternative is desperately needed.

Ultimately the scientists proved via an experiment that Kratom stops the ‘positive’ effects of psychosis, such as delusions and hallucinations, and this is because Kratom is a D2 Dopamine receptor antagonist.

Further, the scientists experimentally proved that Kratom stops the negative symptoms of psychosis, and they theorize that this is due to Kratom’s interactions with the Serotonin and Dopamine receptors.

The scientists conclude the study by saying “Methanolic extract of Mitragyna speciosa is found to be effective in alleviating positive as well as negative symptoms of psychosis in mouse models and it could be mainly mediated through inhibition of D2 and 5-HT2 receptors. Therefore, Kratom could be utilized for the development of novel antipsychotic drug to treat both positive and negative symptoms of psychosis.”

This is a major finding, since as mentioned earlier in this article, the current psychosis meds that are used have extremely bad symptoms. Kratom on the other hand has none of these symptoms, and is able to combat all of the symptoms of psychosis according to this scientific study.

Therefore, Kratom could greatly improve the lives of people who have psychosis, by providing relief without negative symptoms. Overall, this is yet another miraculous attribute of Kratom.

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