A previous article on Kratom Cafe discussed how Kratom has roughly 40 alkaloids, but also mentions “Further, it seems that every year more Kratom alkaloids are being discovered, so the almost 40 alkaloids referenced in this article may not be all of the Kratom alkaloids.”

Indeed, scientists have just discovered 4 new Kratom alkaloids, and it is likely that new alkaloids will continue to be discovered as Kratom science advances.

Specifically, the new alkaloids discovered are epiallo-isopaynantheine, epiallo-isopaynantheine-N(4)-oxide,  3-epirhynchophylline, and 3-epicorynoxine B.

These alkaloids are related to the already known alkaloids, but have a slightly different structure and are unique.

In particular, epiallo-isopaynantheine and epiallo-isopaynantheine-N(4)-oxide are related to paynantheine, which has smooth muscle relaxation properties.

3-epirhynchophylline is related to rhynchophylline, an alkaloids which has numerous medicinal properties including fever reducing, anti-inflammatory, treating parasitic worms, and lowering blood pressure.

Finally, 3-epicorynoxine B is related to Corynoxine B, an alkaloid which has sedative effects.

On a final note, it seems likely that these newly discovered alkaloids have properties related to their ‘parent’ alkaloids, but more research needs to be done to determine the true properties and effects of these 4 newly discovered alkaloids.