Scientists Confirm That Kratom Can Help End Alcoholism, Via Making Alcohol Less Pleasurable And Mitigating The Side Effects Of Alcohol Withdrawal

Alcoholism can be a living hell, with life being a constant rollercoaster between hangovers and overly intoxicated, and unfortunately untold numbers of people have had their lives destroyed by alcoholism. The good news is that Kratom has been proven both subjectively and empirically to be effective for ending alcoholism, and some of the scientific studies which prove this will be discussed in this article.

First off, a scientific study titled ‘Methanolic extract of Mitragyna speciosa Korth leaf inhibits ethanol seeking behaviour in mice: involvement of antidopaminergic mechanism‘ found that Kratom literally makes alcohol less pleasurable.

Essentially, alcohol’s pleasurable effects are due to alcohol releasing a surge of dopamine in the nucleus accumbens of the brain. This surge of dopamine leads to intense euphoria, which is why people keep drinking and drinking until the point that they get addicted.

In this scientific study it was experimentally confirmed that Kratom significantly reduced the surge of dopamine from alcohol. In other words, Kratom literally blocks alcohol’s pleasurable effects, and this makes it much easier to quit drinking, since drinking is no longer fun when taking Kratom.

Indeed, many years ago I experienced this effect first hand as described in another article on Kratom Cafe. I was a heavy drinker, and I started taking Kratom, and serendipitously alcohol instantly became less pleasurable. Even though I did not intend to quit drinking, Kratom automatically ended my alcoholism, and I quickly got to the point that I didn’t drink at all, since alcohol brought me zero pleasure.

Further, another scientific study titled ‘Effect of Mitragyna speciosa aqueous extract on ethanol withdrawal symptoms in mice‘ found that Kratom relieves the symptoms of alcohol withdrawal. For true alcoholics, alcohol withdrawal can be quite severe with all sorts of shaking, mood swings, stress, and anxiety, and this withdrawal is what causes alcoholics to keep on drinking even if they want to quit.

In this scientific study it was confirmed that Kratom significantly reduced all of the behaviors associated with alcohol withdrawal, and further that Kratom had a strong anti-depressant effect. Basically, if someone takes Kratom during the throes of alcohol withdrawal, not only will the withdrawal symptoms be mitigated, but they will be happy as well.

Thus, Kratom can defeat alcoholism with a one-two punch. First Kratom takes away the pleasure of drinking, making it much easier to quit since drinking won’t be fun anymore. Then Kratom gets rid of the symptoms of alcohol withdrawal, making it easy to stay off the alcohol.

Considering that alcohol kills 3.3 million people per year, it is essential to spread this knowledge about Kratom and alcoholism far and wide, since clearly Kratom can save the lives of alcoholics.

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