Scientific Study Finds That Kratom Is Perfect For Stopping The Opioid Pandemic, Since It Alleviates Opiate Withdrawal Symptoms But Does Not Cause Physiological Dependence

Millions of Kratom users know that Kratom is the ultimate remedy to synthetic opioid and opiate dependence, and a scientific study has proved it. Specifically, a group of scientists at the University Sains Malaysia and Newcastle University in the United Kingdom have published a scientific study titled ‘Assessing Physiological Dependence and Withdrawal Potential of Mitragynine Using Schedule-Controlled Behavior In Rats‘, and this study concluded that Kratom’s primary alkaloid Mitragynine has the desired characteristics of novel pharmacotherapeutic interventions for managing opioid dependence since it alleviates the physical symptoms of opiate withdrawal while simultaneously not causing physiological dependence.

In other words, scientists worldwide have long sought a cure for the Opioid Pandemic, and the theoretical characteristics of such a cure would be that it can make opiate withdrawal easily manageable but not cause an addiction of its own. This scientific study has found that Kratom is essentially this long sought after cure for the Opioid Pandemic.

The scientists reached this conclusion via an experiment with rats. First, the rats were trained to press a button 10 times in order to receive food. Then the rats were given either Mitragynine or Morphine for 14 days. Then the Mitragynine and Morphine were discontinued, and some of the rats from each group were given Naloxone, an opioid antagonist, in order to induce rapid opioid withdrawal.

The response time of the rats when pressing the button was measured throughout this experiment. Basically, if the rats pushed the button slower once the Mitragynine and Morphine were discontinued, that means they were in distress due to withdrawal.

Remarkably, when the Mitragynine was discontinued the response time did not slow at all, indicating a lack of withdrawal symptoms. In comparison, the response times of the rats who were in Morphine withdrawal slowed significantly.

Further, rats who were in Morphine withdrawal had their response times rise significantly after being given Mitragynine, indicating that Mitragynine combats Morphine withdrawal.

Another finding was that the Morphine rats had significantly slower response times while they were on the Morphine, while the Mitragynine rates saw no reduction in response time while on the Mitragynine, indicating that Mitragynine does not impair cognitive function.

Thus, this experiment has scientifically proven that Kratom has real potential to curb the Opioid Pandemic. Based on these results, people who are addicted to synthetic opioids and opiates can take Kratom to get through the opioid withdrawals, and then the Kratom itself does not cause a serious physiological addiction. However, human trials would be needed to clinically prove this, although technically there are countless subjective reports of people with opioid dependence quitting synthetic opioids and opiates with the help of Kratom and getting their life back.

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