It is commonly said that there are 15 million Kratom users in the United States, and this is based on a calculation from the American Kratom Association, where they divided the amount of Kratom being imported into the United States per month by the average monthly dose of a Kratom user. Specifically, 1,950,000 kg are imported per month, and this divided by an average monthly Kratom dose of 125 grams per user, yielding 15.6 million Kratom users.

Now a new scientific study has come out, and it corroborates that there are roughly 15 million Kratom users in the United States.

The study is titled ‘Prevalence and characteristics of self-reported kratom use in a representative US general population sample‘, and is a collaborative study from several major universities and medical institutions.

Data was collected via an online survey from 1,842 participants between the ages of 18 and 59. It was found that 112 of the participants used Kratom, yielding the result that 6.1% of adults in the United States have tried Kratom.

According to the Census Bureau there are roughly 250 million adults in the United States, and multiplying this by 6.1% yields 15 million Kratom users in the United States.

Of course a larger sample size would be ideal, but it is striking how this estimate of 15 million Kratom users in the United States almost exactly matches up with the American Kratom Association’s estimate, and certainly this new data makes it more likely that there are in actuality 15 million Americans using Kratom.

On a final note, the study also found that the large majority of Kratom users were employed and had a higher education level than the general population. This further confirms the fact that Kratom does not ruin lives, and in-fact saves lives, since Kratom has powerful benefits while simultaneously being non-intoxicating and relatively non-addictive.