Scientific Study Confirms That Kratom Increases Pain Tolerance, I.e. Provides Pain Relief

A new scientific study titled ‘Kratom and Pain Tolerance: A Randomized, Placebo-Controlled, Double-Blind Study‘ has been published by the University Sains Malaysia and the Yale School of Medicine, and it provides solid empirical proof that Kratom has pain relieving effects.

26 people participated in this experiment, and throughout a 1 day period participants were given a random sequence of Kratom or a placebo, and since it was a double-blind study the patients didn’t know which one they were receiving.

In order to measure tolerance to pain, patients stuck their hand in an ice bath, and the time was measured between the onset of pain and taking their hand out of the ice bath, with a longer time indicating an increased pain tolerance, which equivalently indicates increased pain relief.

The average time between the onset of pain and the point at which the participant took their hand out of the ice was 11.2 seconds before any Kratom was administered. The placebo was roughly the same at 12 seconds.

However, the participants who took Kratom experienced a significant increase in the time that they could keep their hand in the ice bath, with an average of 25 seconds.

This is conclusive proof that Kratom’s opioid analgesic properties significantly raise pain tolerance, and provide significant pain relief. Indeed, sticking your hand into ice water can be truly painful, and this experiment proves that Kratom can even mitigate that sort of sharp pain.

Notably, the scientists also monitored the participants 10-20 hours after discontinuing the Kratom, and there were zero signs of withdrawal or discomfort, unlike opiates where after 10-20 hours there would already be lots of withdrawal and discomfort. The participants in this study were actually long term Kratom users, so this is proof that there is little to no physical addiction even after taking Kratom daily for years.

Thus, this scientific study has empirically proven Kratom’s analgesic properties with an ingenious experiment. Of course millions of Kratom users already knew that Kratom relieves pain, but experiments like this are essential towards Kratom becoming an accepted treatment for pain at some point in the future, and if that happens it would truly save lives since pain patients could take Kratom instead of extremely addictive, dangerous, and deadly prescription opioids.

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