Rehab Is A $42 Billion Industry, Which Likely Explains Why Rehab Is Built To Cause Relapses, And Why The Rehab Industry Hates Kratom

Unfortunately drug addiction treatment is a business, and the doctors and other professionals involved with the rehab industry make money oriented decisions, rather than decisions oriented towards curing their patients, especially since the rehab industry is highly competitive with 15,000+ private treatment facilities fighting to get their piece of the $42 billion rehab market.

Indeed, if a doctor cured a patient of their drug addiction with Kratom, then that doctor would get the fees for just one visit, and they wouldn’t get any referral bonus for the prescription, since Kratom is widely available, cheap, and doesn’t require a prescription.

On the other hand, if a doctor gave a patient a medicine that did not work, then the patient has to keep coming back for visits and refills, and the doctor would make orders of magnitude more money from that patient.

Even worse, a profit-seeking doctor with no moral values could give a patient a medicine that not only doesn’t cure the addiction, but makes the addiction worse and induces other mental health problems. If the doctor did that, then they would make tremendous amounts of money throughout the lifetime of the patient.

The sad fact is that the rehabilitation industry has chosen to poison their patients, with addictive, dangerous, and deadly synthetic opioids like Methadone and Buprenorphine, and extremely dangerous and addictive Benzodiazepines like Ativan and Xanax. These poisons are prescribed to ‘treat’ drug addiction, but in-fact just make the addiction even worse, and lead to an inevitable relapse.

Even worse, ‘dual-diagnosis’ is the buzz word in the rehab industry, and it means that rehabs give a litany of psych meds to patients in order to ‘cure’ the underlying mental illness which led to the drug addiction. Horrifically, the doctors who prescribe psych meds do not fully understand the complex interactions of psych meds with all of the receptors of the brain, and these psych meds typically bring about mental illness.

Literally, someone could go to rehab with a drug problem and no mental illness, and the rehab could prescribe them psych meds, causing the patient to get actual mental illnesses.

To illustrate this point further, imagine if someone goes to rehab for Oxycodone, which is incredibly common. They will be given Buprenorphine, possibly benzodiazepines, and a gauntlet of psych meds, which will leave the patient in a very lethargic and confused mental state, and will do nothing towards treating the drug addiction.

Usually patients who go to rehab come out broken, and soon relapse, and it seems this is exactly what the rehab industry wants in order to drive profits, since each time a patient goes through rehab its tens of thousands of dollars of revenue.

If only rehabs, or psychiatrists in general, prescribed Kratom for drug addiction. There are numerous scientific studies and real-life stories which prove that Kratom can effectively cure drug addiction, and it is likely that most drug addicted patients who take Kratom would quickly recover and start having a good life.

Instead, rehabs choose to over-medicate and pretty much outright poison their patients, in order to fuel the $42 billion rehab industry, and to make the industry grow by billions of dollars per year.

Indeed, by 2025 it is expected that the rehab industry will be worth $53 billion. Do this thought experiment: If rehabs were doing the right thing and curing patients instead of poisoning them, wouldn’t the rehab industry be shrinking instead of growing, since the drug pandemic would be decreasing over time?

Further, the rehab industry is even targeting Kratom by paying lots of money for advertising to make Kratom look bad, and by offering rehab services to Kratom users. This is asinine, since rehab and the addictive and dangerous medications dispensed there would destroy a Kratom user’s life.

Ultimately, it is up to us to educate others about Kratom, and to tell people with drug problems about the mountain of subjective and scientific information which proves that Kratom can cure drug addiction, since the rehab industry will never offer Kratom (and is trying to get Kratom banned) due to their profit-driven nature. .

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