Red Bubble Kratom, A Simple Kratom Extraction Technique

Article image courtesy of reddit user /u/rhotle

If you have been active on Kratom social media long enough, then you have probably seen an image of Red Bubble Kratom. Indeed, Red Bubble Kratom is popular among numerous Kratom users, with some subjective reports suggesting that performing the Red Bubble technique facilitates a stronger Kratom experience, and allows users to cut down on the dose of Kratom powder that they take.

Essentially, the Red Bubble technique is one of the simplest Kratom extraction techniques, and it can easily be done at home.

The bare bones way of creating Red Bubble Kratom is to simply mix Kratom with water, and then to let it completely freeze over. The idea behind this is that the freezing process breaks the cell walls of the Kratom, releasing the alkaloids. Although the stomach ultimately does break down the cell walls of Kratom and releases the alkaloids, the Red Bubble technique ensures that all of the Kratom alkaloids are already pre-released, leading to faster and stronger effects, just like a Kratom extract.

Some people add varying degrees of additional extraction techniques when making Red Bubble Kratom. One of the most common methods is to add lemon juice, or any other form of citric acid, to the water-Kratom mixture before freezing, since the acid helps to leech the alkaloids into the water. For even better extractions, people stir up the lemon juice, water, and Kratom, and I’ve heard of someone even using a hand blender/milk frother to ensure that the Kratom and lemon juice were completely combined.

Beyond that, some people heat up the lemon juice, water, and Kratom like they are making Kratom tea, since the heat extracts alkaloids. Another method is to freeze and thaw the Red Bubble Kratom more than once.

Essentially, the basic idea of Red Bubble Kratom is to extract alkaloids via freezing the mixture and exploding the Kratom cell walls, and people add other extraction techniques like citric acid, multiple freeze/thaws, power mixing, and heat in order to obtain maximum alkaloid extraction.

Notably, a really easy and automatically delicious way to create Red Bubble Kratom is by making a peanut butter banana Kratom smoothie and letting it completely freeze, since this leads to the Kratom cell walls exploding and releases the alkaloids in the same way as the Red Bubble technique.

On a final note, the Red Bubble which is created when freezing Kratom represents an alkaloid hot spot that forms due to the way ice ejects impurities. Basically, as the Kratom-water mixture freezes, the ice continuously ejects the alkaloids into the remaining liquid, making the remaining liquid more and more rich with alkaloids. Eventually, there is just a tiny bit of liquid left that has a ton of alkaloids, giving it a red color, and this freezes into the Red Bubble.

Therefore, for maximum effects the Red Bubble itself could be eaten, since it really is Kratom extract. Of course the Red Bubble would be highly bitter, but perhaps you can throw it into some orange juice like an ice cube, or some other drink that is sufficiently sweet.

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