Red Bali Kratom From Amazing Botanicals Experience Report

Today I will be taking Red Bali Kratom from Amazing Botanicals for the first time. In general Red Bali is my favorite Kratom strain, since it typically has the most analgesic, euphoric, and relaxing effects relative to any other strain, and this is apparently due to Red Bali going through a special fermentation process using sunlight and water which increases the concentration of 7-hydroxymitragynine.

I open up the bag, and inside there is another vacuum sealed bag containing a kilo of Red Bali. Literally this Kratom has been vacuum sealed since the day it was harvested in Indonesia, meaning it is just as fresh and potent as the day it was harvested.

The first thing of note is that this Kratom has a beautiful reddish hue. I then open up the vacuum seal, and it smells extremely fresh and potent, and it is already clear that this is top notch Kratom.

I measured out 10 grams of Red Bali on my scale, and proceeded to begin the toss n wash using orange juice, which is the only drink that should ever be used for toss n wash.

10:15 AM I’ve been doing toss n wash slowly over the last 20 minutes. I’m just a bit out of practice cause I’ve only been using extract this past month. That being said, as far as Kratom powder goes, this Red Bali has an excellent taste, and also an excellent texture, and it is very easy to toss n wash compared to most other Kratom.

Notably, I am already feeling a nice blanket of opioid warmth, along with a surge in energy and talkativeness.

10:27 AM Warm opioid feelings intensifying.

10:30 AM I got one last teaspoon down, took 3 teaspoons total. I think that’s more than enough since I’m already feeling strong Kratom effects. Indeed, analgesia is already kicking in. I weighed out the remainder that I didn’t take, which was 3 grams, so in total I took 7 grams of Red Bali, which is a strong dose for Kratom that is as potent as this.

11 AM Very strong Kratom effects. I started this experience on an empty stomach and definitely need to eat.

11:20 AM I ate a pack of tuna and extremely euphoric effects kicking in. This Kratom has an incredibly wholesome feeling, truly feels like medicine for the mind, body and soul. Very excellent way to start the day!

11:26 AM Feeling very excited as I head out the door to run errands for the family.

4 PM Back home now, and overall this Red Bali Kratom experience is about as nice as a Kratom experience can get. It wasn’t a perfect day, because life often throws curveballs, but this Red Bali made it much easier to handle life’s struggles, and definitely has lessened stress and anxiety, in what otherwise could have been an extremely stressful day.

Zooming out, this Red Bali lives up to its name, and it has notably strong opioid analgesic effects. Therefore, I think this is the best type of Kratom for chronic pain and stress relief, and also the best type of Kratom for relaxation. Also, this is likely the best strain for people who are using Kratom to manage opioid dependence issues.

Further, in comparison to the Red Bali Kratom that I have tried from other vendors, this Red Bali Kratom from Amazing Botanicals is incredibly fresh, top notch, and as potent as it gets, and therefore I give it an A+.

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