Real-Life Stories About How Kratom Helped People To Overcome Cancer Related Issues

Cancer can cause a ton of problems, one of which is chronic pain. First off, the cancer itself can cause permanent damage to the body, and this results in chronic pain. Also, the primary cancer treatments, radiation and chemotherapy, can cause so much damage to the body that they lead to permanent chronic pain.

Due to this, cancer patients are often put on prescription opioids, which can lead to life-destroying drug addiction.

Kratom is a much safer alternative to prescription opioids for treating chronic pain caused by cancer related issues, since Kratom is relatively non-addictive and cannot cause overdoses.

The real-life stories below prove that Kratom can effectively mitigate severe cancer-induced chronic pain. Also, some of these stories discuss how Kratom put an end to drug addictions caused by taking prescriptions opioids for cancer, which is equally miraculous.

Botched Cancer Surgery Led To Chronic Pain And Opioid Addiction, Kratom Cured The Pain And Drug Addiction

Five years ago I found myself in a place I never thought I would be? I was a prescription drug addict, to Lortab, & had been for over a year I just didn’t think I was because I HAD A PRESCRIPTION. Never once until the day I decided I no longer needed what I had been taking daily for years did the reality I was addicted go through my mind more than an occasional flutter, of which I quickly dismissed. After all my doctor had filled every time the previous was gone? I assured myself no doctor would be handing me (quite freely as I recall) anything that I didn’t need, that would cause harm, as those people that were addicts were nothing like I was? They had no doctor’s permission to take? Impossible to even consider I NEEDED them, although some voice in my head had been speaking quietly that if I didn’t have a problem? Why had my intake increased to well above the “as directed”, sometimes causing the need for quite early refills? Also something I would turn down that voice from speaking, so that day I challenged myself to “just stop”, yes? That day…The pain that appeared an hour after my coffee & pill morning ritual only contained the coffee, not the pill. Then sweating, nausea, muscle aches & somehow I convinced myself it was not from lack of pills in my system? No, I had picked up a bug of some sort, yes that was what it was, I was sure of it… Hours later, seemingly the longest day I still have in memory things was getting worse, my eyes were so light-sensitive I could barely see. I hurt too badly to even think of driving anywhere, & the voice that had told me before truths I refused to believe talked me into taking one last Lortab, just as I had no aspirin in the house & to enable my ability to get myself to the ER as whatever I had come down with was possibly life-threatening give the magnitude of symptoms it contained? You won’t be surprised to hear that after the pill caught up with my symptoms? My “illness” was gone, but the truth of who & what I had become appeared. And that day I swore never again with the pills. Starting my saving grace & the only reason I am clean of the prescription drug that I’m sure by now would have killed me… Kratom saved my life… As it has MANY others. To this day I take daily for the very reason I started my prescription path. Botched cancer surgery in my upper rightshoulder area as the muscle was accidentally severed, brutally so & after years of hoping remains painful & disabling in my functionality. Kratom not only freed me from drug addiction, but allows me to live daily pain-free. Without Kratom I promise you only two choices, death? Or pills, & honestly I would rather be the former than latter. And it is NOT only me. I just beg you to not go based on the unsubstantiated misinformation when making a decision about Kratom. People die daily from obesity, or conditions related to overeating but do you find feasible to shutdown every drive through possible? Excuse the lame example as presented, but I know you understand from where I am unsuccessfully trying to reason in. So I have taken enough of your time, thank you so much for taking the time to read here, please don’t take away the one leaf of life I found that gave me back my life.

Kratom Helped Mitigate Pain And Rx Addiction After Cancer Surgery

I use Kratom for a combination of opiate addiction recovery and ADHD, it helps me focus in life on things that use to feel overwhelming. I have a beautiful family and 4 years ago was diagnosed with cancer and need a lobectomy. Some what of a serious surgery and had trouble with weaning off the meds. Kratom helped with that and a host of other things as well. Kratom should be researched further and always be available to use for things of this nature.

Chemotherapy And Radiation Led To Fibromyalgia And Oxy Addiction, Kratom Stopped The Pain And Broke The Addiction

After 7 months of chemotherapy and radiation treatments for breast cancer (thankfully in remission), I was subsequently diagnosed with Sudden Onset Fibromyalgia and placed on 20-40 daily of opioid therapy (OxyContin). During my monthly visits to the doctor (over a 3 year period), I was told that this was the only therapy available to me and that I should expect to use it for the remainder of my life. Fibromyalgia is an extremely misunderstood affliction that includes excruciating pain in joints and muscles. As you might expect, this also causes mental anguish. Additionally, OxyContin, while managing the pain, causes mental fogginess and inability to focus. By using kratom, I have been able to discontinue the use of OxyContin and regain my mental focus. I am able to use Kratom to manage my pain WHEN it occurs, rather than sustained use of an addictive narcotic. Kratom gave me my life back! PLEASE don’t force me to use OxyContin again and PLEASE allow me to HAVE A CHOICE!!

Kratom Alleviates Chronic Pain For A Two-Time Cancer Survivor

Kratom has, quite literally, been a lifesver for me, a two-time disabled cancer survivor. I have been using it for 6 years now, never needing to increase a dose, and it addresses my pain in safe and efficient ways. The idea that this life-saving plant might be rendered inaccessible to us, who use it responsibly and count on it as not to ingest dangerous narcotics (the only other thing that relieved my pain), is unacceptable. All work toward ends to render this plant legal and accessible are appreciated.

Cancer Led To Chronic Pain And Opioid Addiction, Kratom Saved Her Life

I am a 57 yr old cancer survivor. During many treatments, I used prescribed narcotics to limit the pain. This was the first time I had ever taken anything like that for pain. Unfortunately, I became addicted, in a short time, to this medication. I knew I needed something for the pain I was dealing with & went in search of a natural solution. In my search, I came across this plant, a tea leaf called Kratom. I made a choice to try this natural remedy & 2 yrs later, I can honestly say I have not & will never put any more pills (poison) in my body. I thank God for his creation every day & the healthy life I can live because of it. I will close with this: I am a daughter, sister, Mom & grandmother. If someone had told me I would have to openly admit I had formed an addiction with something that was meant to help me, I would have told them they were mistaken. My entire family will tell anyone I am a healthy, happy & pain-free human being now, thanks to Kratom. Please, before making a decision that will affect over 5 million people, all I am asking is to search the scientific info & all the lives this plant has changed for the better. Kratom is not a “high”!!! I cannot fathom the articles I read comparing it to Heroin & worse drugs, which I never touched. Ty for your time & please take the time to research all supportive facts before reaching a decision to ban this tea leaf. Thank you

Kratom Alleviated Chronic Pain Following Brain Cancer

After having brain cancer I was prescribed tramadol. After awhile, My dr was scared to give me a prescription to any sort of pain killer. I still have severe neck and lower back pain. The Tylenol I was told to take was not helping at all. I finally found kratom. The kratom has been a god send for me. I can actually function as a normal human being. I’ve been taking it for a few years now. Kratom is in no way a “drug”. Marijuana is far worse for many of us. Tax it, regulate it, whatever. But please do not ban it outright. Many cancer survivors are relying on this plant.

Kratom Helps This Cancer Survivor Function

I am a cancer survivor and on disability and I accessed this herbal supplement alternative approximately 2 years ago. It helps me function in our world today as a balanced and wellness priority. The Kratom I’ve purchased is organically grown and well tested by its trusted, reputable & registered owners. I access the supplements for my depression, chronic pain and anxiety. Without this product my ability to function physically and mentally would hinder severely my productivity as a parent, small business owner and self healer. I have had to incorporate some western medicine as well for my symptoms but highly regard kratom as my #1 tool in mental health, healing and staying well and physically active in all my many daily routines. I very much believe this supplement provided & sold by conscientious vendors is a priority in our society and is far safer that any medication for these symptoms today. I’ve researched intensely in the dangers and benefits of this product and overall believe the benefits wildly outweigh any negatives. I hope you continue to provide this safe and extremely helpful tool for wellness for adults that handle it responsibly.

Kratom Worked Better Than Rx Meds For Chronic Pain Caused By Cancer

I’d been living my life in constant pain and falling asleep almost every time I would sit for more than two or three minutes. Work was a living hell due to unconquerable physical exhaustion and never feeling like I had woken up. I HAD to get up just before work and go directly to bed as soon as I showered and could swallow a few poptarts or other no-effort food item when I got home. No matter how much you convince yourself you’re familiar what I’m describing, or how much hyperbole you may assume I’m applying, I assure you that I can only understate the level of depression that ensues when your life is chronic pain and fatigue. The chronic cancer I have is not even the only condition on which Kratom would have an obviously positive effect. There are many diseases and conditions that cause life to be more than extremely difficult to endure. You would be quite mistaken to believe that any pharmaceutical made available even to someone with my disease, can come vaguely close to kratom for pain relief and real energy that isn’t “wired” like caffeine, sugar or prescription drugs. Also, and immediately, I was imbibed with a calm sense of enthusiasm which, after a week, alleviated my depression symptoms. Tip of the iceberg of kratom benefits, but the more words, the more foggy the message: IF YOU TAKE KRATOM FROM ME, YOU WILL RETURN ME TO THE HELLISH PIT THAT I LIVED IN FOR SEVERAL TERRIBLE YEARS OF MY ONE AND ONLY LIFE.

Short Remarks About Kratom Helping With Pain Caused By Cancer And Chemotherapy

“I’ve been using kratom for years to help offset pain caused by lasting side effects of cancer chemotherapy.”

“I have cancer and the pain is too much, I need kratom. It really helps me. God please don’t take it away.”

“I use Kratom for bad hip and back pain control. I need hip replacement surgery however I also have prostrate cancer plus a pinched nerve in my back”

“After cancer, infections in organs and suffering from mommy tumb. Kratom has helped me function and be a working important helpful community member. Please keep kratom legal. You will want this medicine when you’re suffering.”

“Please keep Kratom legal, my wife is a cancer survivor and consumers Kratom on a daily basis. She takes Kratom for some normalcy in her life.”

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