Real-Life Stories About How Kratom Has Helped People To Quit Synthetic Opioids And Opiates

A previous article on Kratom Cafe had 7 real-life stories about how Kratom has helped people to overcome their addiction to synthetic opioids and opiates. This article is a collection of even more stories about how Kratom has helped people to leave synthetic opioids and opiates behind for good with the help of Kratom, and all of these stories were collected in the past month via The Kratom Federation’s petition to keep Kratom legal.

If you haven’t signed the petition and added your Kratom story yet you can do so at this link. Kratom is under a serious attack from the FDA and could be made illegal soon, and The Kratom Federation is aggregating Kratom stories and signatures, and will combine these with the latest scientific information on Kratom, and will send all of that info in an easily readable format to politicians and regulators in order to help keep Kratom legal.

Years Of Rx Opioid Abuse Ended With Kratom

“After years of prescription use I stopped for several years I struggled with PAWS . I lacked motivation and joy in my life. Once I tried Kratom tea within 30 minutes my natural motivation returned. Clarity and cognition improved and the chronic pain I experience daily is now manageable. Please dont take it away from me and the multiple millions that have reclaimed their lives opiate free. All due respect. Sincerely Debbie Tindal”

Quit A Heavy Oxycodone Addiction With Kratom

“26 surgeries so far. 12-16 on my feet, knee replacement, shoulders,, on and on. I was taking well over 200 mg oxycodone daily. That was my prescription for over 5 years. They didn’t work for pain at all. They just stopped me from going thru withdrawals. I decided to take myself off so I changed my doctor as he was still pushing the oxy and found a Kratom. It made quitting oxy very bearable. Needless to say, I’ve been off oxy for years now and the only pain relief I use is Kratom. Honestly, it saved my life. If it can help me when I was taking that much, think of how many people Kratom could help with their opioid problem!! I dont care about big pharmaceutical or the politicians that are getting rich from poisoning the people for profit. Leave Kratom alone.”

Kratom Ended A 17 Year Drug Addiction

“I was an addict for 17 years, rehab twice, and when I got sober I couldn’t keep it up no matter how hard I tried .. kratom really is a lifesaver, without it I don’t know where I would be or if I would even be alive. I suffered from major depression after getting sober and kratom gave me a lift in mood and satisfied my cravings. Please keep kratom legal, people really depend on it and it saves lives.”

Chronic Pain Cured By Kratom

“I’ve had multiple knee surgeries from different sports injuries. I basically lived on Norco for almost 2 years. I don’t even want to begin to talk about how awful that drug is, and how difficult it was to stop taking. Once I stopped, the pain was an everyday struggle. It kept me from exercising like I wanted to, and so I became unhappy. In order to be able to exercise, I had to take about 1600 mg of ibuprofen everyday. I had to stop that when I got an ulcer. Then one day I heard about Kratom on a Joe Rogan podcast, and decided to give it a try because I needed something to help with pain before, during and after my workouts. What an amazing plant this is. I have no side effects that can’t be dealt with by simply living a healthier lifestyle. Kratom actually helps me live a better life. I’m eating healthier and snacking less because the effects of Kratom are better when taken on an empty stomach followed by a healthy meal. I’m drinking more water because Kratom seems to work better when I’m well hydrated. Same with sleep; I get much better effects from Kratom when I’m not tired. The best part about this plant though is the lack of addiction I have towards it. When I took painkillers for 2 years, my body craved those drugs. It was the first thing I thought about when I woke up in the morning, and the last thing I did before bed. I honestly feel lucky that I didn’t die during those 2 years, and I was taking the drug as prescribed by a doctor. I never purchased them off the streets and I always followed the dosage guidelines, but I still felt addicted to the painkillers. I don’t feel that way with Kratom. I know I can walk away from it without any issues because I’ve done it. I take breaks every few weeks, so my body doesn’t get used to it. And guess what? I don’t feel any withdrawl symptoms like I felt from coming off the prescribed painkillers. In my opinion, painkillers have a VERY small niche to fill in the medical field. They obviously have their uses, but the rampant prescriptions need to stop and Kratom needs to be a viable option. Please don’t take away this very helpful plant. Thank you”

Narcotics Only Brought Misery, Kratom Gave Him His Life Back

“I’ve dealt with chronic neck and back pain since I was 14 years old , I’m now 39. Before I started utilizing kratom, I was miserable trying many medications and most other drugs to cope with the pain , anxiety and depression that never left my day to day reality . From prescribed narcotics , anti anxiety meds , antidepressants…. alcohol, medical marijuana… these only helped a fraction as much as kratom does . And with no side effects … other than feeling good , hopeful with lowered pain by 70-90% , wiped my depression out flat , and put my anxiety to such a low amount that I can just as well say , it’s gone ! At worst .. Extremely manageable! Kratom has single handedly given me a quality of life I didn’t even try to dream of or imagine, I didn’t think feeling level, grounded , hopeful and almost entirety pain free from my spinal degenerative disease …was ever possible . I’m more than a supporter and activist flog kratom, this is my connection to life lived with my family in a present minded way, … which is priceless and has my ultimate gratitude beyond measure ! The most important thing to consider with kratom, is that it works better than anything I’ve and just about all who’ve tried it have ever come across for my/ theirs ailments, while being a benign and very safe herb at the same time. The less you take , the more you benefit . ! Has its own built in safety net, taking more than is needed will not give you more beneficial results … is no more addicting than coffee, and comes from a tree with the minimalist of processing . For me and others in my circle of friends, this leaf, this herb is a godsend, and needs to remain accessible to those who have been given their lives back because of it. Thank you for hearing my ultimate truth, the best tool I’ve discovered for having a life that is free of the miserable pain I’ve endured almost my entire life. So beautiful, so necessary for folks to continue having this as an option ! I can’t overstate the importance of this simple and most effective tree that is kratom — Brandon”

Kratom Ended A Synthetic Opioid Addiction

“I started taking kratom almost 4 years ago, it was the only thing that had helped me get off of my prescription pain killers that got me ugly addicted. Ill never forget the first time I tried it, i cried because i actually felt normal without takings pills. Kratom is a nautral earth made medicine with many uses and purposes.”

A Decade Long Pain Pill Addiction Cured By Kratom

“I have been faced with a spinal injury at age 15. I was on pain pills for 10 years which severely damaged my way of life amd my mind. I found kratom to replace pain pills and have gone from only working from home to owning two bread routes. Working hard labor 16 hr days and providing far more than i ever could trapped on mediciation. 10 years with the help of kratom has given my family a much better life.”

Kratom Ended A 5 Year Opiate Addiction

“Kratom has greatly improved my quality of life. After having 3 c- sections I have severe scarring and endometriosis on top of that I suffer from recurrent cysts on my ovaries. I have been to several specialists whose only answer was to give me opiates. I became addicted in a matter of a few months and suffered the effects of my addiction for 5 years. I found Kratom 3 years ago and I haven’t touched a pill since. If this natural plant is made illegal I’m afraid of what might happen to not only me but everyone who has benefited from it.”

Got My Life Back Thanks To Kratom

“I was on pain medication from 2008-2011. I then was put on Suboxone for the withdrawals. I was taking it for another 2.5 years and was starting to feel sick and gross all the time. I tampered off myself and when I took my last dose I googled “Natural Remedies for Opiates” and learned about Kratom. Since I started it I got my life back. I feel better, don’t take any medication at all and barely get sick. I now have a stable job, my car is almost paid off and we now own a house. These are things I couldn’t do while on opiates, as all I could do was think about running out… my life is great.”

Doctors Took Away His Rx Pain Pills, And Kratom Saved His Life

“I was looking for a pain medicine for my husband he has chronic pain after the drs. Took away the prescriptions he was to a point he couldn’t stand or walk with out severe pain so I came across this medication in an add at when I went to my local shop I tried the strain for him and with in a few hours he was up walking and acting like himself so I feel like that this is the best herb that I he has and we r now at least enjoying our lives instead of existing in it . So please dont take away his life again.”

Quit All Drugs Thanks To Kratom, And Kratom Worked Better Than The Drugs Ever Did

“I was on serious pain meds as well as muscle relaxers & 2 types of antidepressants for many years. Still I was miserable, in pain & becoming addicted. I knew there had to be a better way than polluting myself with all these chemicals. I researched more natural ways to combat my issues. I saw an advertisement for free samples of Kratom & decided to at least try it out. I haven’t looked back since. I was able to quit taking all prescription drugs. I feel more out of pain, alert & mentally stable than ever. Please do not take this away from the people that need it. Especially with the newest restrictions on medications, we need Kratom now more than ever. Thank you for listening to me.”

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