Orange Juice Makes Kratom Easier To Take, And Also Makes The Kratom Experience Much Stronger

I’ve been using Kratom for a decade, and along the way I’ve tried taking Kratom with many different drinks, including water, soda, gatorade, milk, and orange juice. Ultimately, I would not recommend taking Kratom with any of those other drinks I mentioned besides orange juice.

Orange juice has a miraculous ability to negate the bitter taste of Kratom when toss n’ washing. Indeed, trying to take Kratom with other drinks can be a nightmare, but with orange juice it always goes smoothly, at least for me.

However, it seems orange juice not only makes it easier to take Kratom, but it also makes Kratom stronger. In-fact, I often take Kratom capsules, and I find that when I take capsules with orange juice it has much better effects than taking capsules with water, even if the dose is exactly the same.

The reason for this is likely the citric acid in the orange juice. Kratom’s primary alkaloid, Mitragynine, has poor water solubility, and indeed that’s why people who make Kratom tea usually use some lemon or lime juice, which contains citric acid.

Essentially, it is well known that citric acid, and any other acid, really extracts Kratom’s alkaloids, and therefore citric acid is essential for making proper Kratom tea.

Likewise, the citric acid in orange juice helps to extract the alkaloids out of the Kratom, even by simply doing toss n’ wash or taking capsules with orange juice.

To give an idea of how useful orange juice is, I’ve noticed that orange juice increases the analgesic (pain killing), energetic, euphoric, and sedative effects of Kratom. Literally, with orange juice Kratom feels really strong every time, but without orange juice Kratom feels mediocre to me.

Basically, orange juice can make the difference between a weak Kratom experience and a really enjoyable Kratom experience.

Thus, I recommend that all Kratom users take their Kratom with orange juice. On a final note, I highly recommend natural orange juice, not from concentrate, like Tropicana, since it negates the bitterness of Kratom much better.

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