OPMS Gold Kratom Review, Experience Report Video Inside

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This is Episode 2 of SpaceMarine’s Kratom Reviews presented by Kratom Cafe. In this episode I review OPMS Gold, which is probably the most popular Kratom product in the United States, but simultaneously it is extremely expensive, with each pill costing $10. Further, due to OPMS’ popularity, it is often counterfeited. Indeed, the entire OPMS website is a guide on how to identify counterfeit pills.

The specifications on the package indicate that each pill contains 84 mg of Mitragynine, and if that were true just 1 pill would be a powerful dose. However, based on my experience in the past, where I often took 3 pills to get the full effect, I concluded that 1 pill would not be enough, so I took 2 pills with 168 mg of Mitragynine total.

I ended up getting authentic OPMS Gold in this experience report, since there were indeed strong Kratom effects, and the times in the past when I got counterfeit pills it didn’t work at all.

Although the effects were relaxing, energizing, and euphoric, by no means were the effects equivalent to what it should have been if there was really 168 mg of Mitragynine in the 2 pills I took. Instead, the effects were equivalent to perhaps 80-90 mg of Mitragynine.

All things considered, although OPMS Gold does work, it is far too expensive for the experience that it provides. I found that 100 mg Kratom extract tablets from Amazing Botanicals are 1:1 equivalent with OPMS Gold, except that the tablets from Amazing Botanicals cost just $2 each, while OPMS Gold costs $10 each.

Thus, I strongly recommend that people do not waste their money on OPMS Gold, since you can literally get the same thing for just $2 a tablet from Amazing Botanicals.

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