OPMS Gold Is Intensely Addictive Based On My Experience, And May Be Laced With Synthetic Opioids

Kratom is relative non-addictive and safe, since Kratom does not hijack the Mesolimbic pathway resulting in little to no addiction potential, and Kratom does not recruit beta-arrestin-2, explaining why Kratom has little to no physical withdrawal unlike other opioids. The fact that Kratom has little addiction potential has been confirmed by numerous scientific studies and subjective reports.

Further, Kratom is relatively cheap and can be purchased for just $75/kilo. I typically only use 5-10 grams per day, so even on days where I take a heavy dose the cost is only $0.75.

However, not all ‘Kratom’ products are as safe and affordable as natural Kratom leaf powder, and today I am sending out a warning about OPMS Gold. I am sharing this knowledge so that other Kratom users can avoid OPMS Gold, so that they don’t have to learn the hard way like I did.

When I first purchased OPMS Gold roughly 5 years ago I thought it was regular Kratom. The shopkeeper assured me that it was definitely pure Kratom, and that they had seen the lab results. Notably, months later I pushed the shopkeeper to give me the lab results and there weren’t any.

OPMS Gold was first off extremely expensive, with 3 pills costing $34, or over $11 per pill. The reason I bought such an expensive product was because the shopkeeper said it was by far the most popular and the best.

I took the 3 pills, and it was overwhelmingly powerful. There were extreme levels of euphoria, and powerful opioid effects.

In-fact, OPMS Gold gave roughly the same feeling as Hydrocodone and Oxycodone. Natural Kratom has far different effects, and an overall completely different feeling,than synthetic opioids like oxy, so I was extremely surprised.

I knew in my gut almost immediately that OPMS Gold was not Kratom, but actually a synthetic opioid being sold as Kratom. However, it was so addictive that I just went with it.

Disturbingly, unlike natural Kratom which lasts all day, OPMS Gold stopped working after perhaps 6 hours, at which point I had a strong craving to redose. This is completely unlike natural Kratom where there is no strong urge to redone even days after taking it.

My usage of OPMS Gold ramped up to 10-20 pills a day, costing $100-$200, which was just as expensive as a pill or Heroin addiction. Notably, natural Kratom powder stopped working for me, since my opioid tolerance went through the roof.

I had no alternative besides to continue taking OPMS Gold or go through heavy opioid withdrawal, and I eventually did go through heavy opioid withdrawal once I stopped taking OPMS Gold.

I wasn’t the only one hooked like this. Whenever I want to the shop there were other people buying 5-10 packs of OPMS Gold at once.

There are other accounts of OPMS Gold being as addictive as Heroin on the internet, such as this one about how this lady’s husband was spending all their money on OPMS Gold, and he was constantly intoxicated and their family was falling apart. Literally, OPMS Gold is destroying families based on this account, and I firmly believe that based on my experience.

Ultimately, OPMS Gold is just as bad as synthetic opioids, and causes extreme addiction, can lead to financial ruin, and can rip apart families.

I hope you, the Kratom user who is reading this, never touches OPMS Gold. It could very well be a synthetic opioid, and I don’t believe anyone who claims that this is just a Kratom extract, since no matter how much you extract Kratom, it doesn’t produce the addictive and intoxicating effects of OPMS Gold.

On a final note, it would save lives, and also protect Kratom’s reputation, if OPMS Gold is taken off the market, since it is likely that a lot of the anti-Kratom sentiment in the United States is caused by people being destroyed by OPMS Gold.

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