Opioids Killed 432,000 Americans Between 1998-2018, Which Is More Than All Of The Americans Killed In World War 2

The United States government, in particular the Food and Drug Administration (FDA), continues to wage a misinformation war against Kratom in order to get Kratom banned. The FDA refuses to acknowledge the mountain of scientific studies and real-life stories which show that Kratom can cure synthetic opioid and opiate addiction.

When it comes down to it, many of the 15 million Americans who use Kratom already know that Kratom is the solution for the Opioid Pandemic, and that Kratom saves lives, yet the government which is supposed to protect the people of this nation are refusing to acknowledge this fact, and the government instead chooses to let the Opioid Pandemic worsen.

The government’s decision to ignore Kratom’s ability to end the Opioid Pandemic has killed vast amounts of people. Shockingly, the Opioid Pandemic has killed 432,000 Americans between 1998 and 2018, and the deaths per year from synthetic opioids and opiates is rapidly rising.

To put this in perspective, this is over 7 times more deaths than the 58,300 American soldiers killed in the Vietnam War. In-fact, this is more deaths than the 419,000 Americans killed in World War 2, especially when considering that the Opioid Pandemic death count is now well over 500,000 when including 2019-2020 and the years before 1998.

Literally, the Opioid Pandemic is an American catastrophe on the scale of World War 2, yet the government is purposely ignoring the obvious solution, which is Kratom.

If the FDA stopped playing games and recognized that Kratom is safe, which is obvious since Kratom has caused zero deaths in history and there is a mountain of evidence showing that it saves the lives of people with opioid dependence, then Kratom could be an officially recognized treatment for opioid dependence, and the Opioid Pandemic would likely end.

Instead, the government continues to choose money over lives, and is allowing Big Pharma to run the show. This has caused the government to choose deadly and dangerous synthetic opioids like Methadone and Buprenorphine as the ‘cure’ for opioid dependence, in addition to allowing Big Pharma to distribute massive amounts of synthetic opioids for chronic pain, which is only fanning the flames and making the Opioid Pandemic worse.

It is past time for the government to stop letting the Opioid Pandemic catastrophe unfold, and to recognize Kratom as the solution for the Opioid Pandemic. It is time for the people of America to rise up and demand full legalization of Kratom, before there are hundreds of thousands of additional American deaths from synthetic opioids and opiates.

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