Kratom and Hemp are both ethnobotanicals which are massively popular and widely used, since they are the best legal ethnobotanicals in the United States. There are likely many people which combine Kratom and Hemp, and this article will describe what it is like to combine these two powerful natural medicines, and what the benefits of this combination are.

First off, I would not recommend taking Kratom and Hemp at the same exact time. Rather, either take the Kratom and wait a bit before taking the Hemp, or take the Hemp and wait a bit before taking the Kratom. This is because both of these ethnobotanicals are quite effective, and it would be somewhat of a waste to take them at the exact same moment.

Even better, taking Kratom and Hemp at completely different times of the day may be the best bet. For example, someone who is taking a lot of Kratom, such as 20-50 grams per day, could take some Kratom in the morning and some Hemp in the evening, and this will massively lower their Kratom usage while simultaneously being more effective.

In this case I will be taking the Kratom and then waiting a little while before smoking some Hemp flower. Specifically, I am starting with 50X Kratom extract from Amazing Botanicals, which is my absolute favorite Kratom product since it is so effective and powerful, and then I will be taking Suver Haze Hemp Flower which is also from Amazing Botanicals. Both of these products can be seen in the article image; the Suver Haze comes in impressively huge buds.

I am going to take 4 grams of 50X extract via toss n wash with orange juice to begin with. The 50X is extremely easy to toss n wash compared to regular Kratom powder, since it is less bitter and less sticky. As for the dose, 4 grams is what works for me, but dosing varies with each individual person.

12:20 PM I take 4 grams of 50X Kratom extract, which is 1 heaping teaspoon, but I did make sure to weigh it. With this stuff it is important to use a scale cause missing by 1 gram could be the difference between the effects being too weak or too strong.

12:28 PM Warm, euphoric, and relaxing effects from the 50X Kratom extract are now surging in. One of the best things about this extract is how fast acting it is.

12:46 PM Powerful Kratom effects now, perfect balance of energy, euphoria, and relaxation. Also strong analgesia, i.e. pain relief.

1:19 PM Very strong Kratom effects continuing, lots of energy and analgesia.

1:29 PM Extremely strong opioid effects at this point, with lots of warmth and analgesia. Seems to be settling into a plateau, and now gonna start preparing the Hemp.

1:34 PM Grinding up the Suver Haze now, it has an incredible aroma, and the bud is extremely fresh.

1:57 PM Getting really hungry. Eating some pizza first before smoking the Hemp.

2:24 PM I ate some lunch, and now ready to smoke the Hemp.

2:26 PM I lit up the Suver Haze joint that I rolled, tastes like really good bud!

2:27 PM The surge in relaxation and euphoria is almost instant. It seems Kratom and Hemp is an excellent combination.

2:30 PM I don’t think there is a more relaxing ethnobotanical combo than this! It really brings the stress relief and euphoria from Kratom to the next level.

Even better, not intoxicated at all and still working at full capacity.

2:32 PM After taking 5-10 hits the Hemp joint went out on its own, and I feel supremely relaxed and happy. Zero lethargy nor any cognitive diminishment.

2:33 PM Entering a very meditative state. With this Kratom and Hemp combo I can really think deeply and clearly, which is perfect for brainstorming.

2:37 PM Really having fun writing and working! A bit of sedation has creeped in, but still plenty of energy as well, and tons of euphoria.

4:15 PM Got a lot of work done, now heading out to do laundry. Feeling a bit tired from all the work, but still energetic, relaxed, and upbeat. Smoking some more Hemp now.

Overall, mixing Kratom with Hemp truly potentiates the effects of Kratom, and brings the euphoria, stress relief, and pain relief to the next level. Also, this combo did not cause any cognitive deficits, and my brain was still working at full capacity, if not better than usual. This is critically important, since the Kratom and Hemp combo can provide relief without reducing the ability to function.

Zooming out, I think smoking some hemp some hours after taking Kratom is a much better idea than simply redosing more Kratom, and this combo can help people who take too much Kratom to reduce their dose. Indeed, it is optimal to only take 10 grams of Kratom per day, and I’ve read lots of reports of people taking 20-50 grams which is not optimal, and it is clear that Hemp can help people to lower their daily Kratom dose into a more optimal range.

On a final note, the combination of Kratom and Hemp brings about much more effective pain and stress relief than Kratom alone, so people who desire stronger medicinal qualities from their Kratom experience can certainly benefit from combining it with Hemp.