MIT 45 Kratom Extract Shot Review

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In this episode of SpaceMarine’s Kratom Reviews, presented by Kratom Cafe, I review the popular MIT 45 Kratom Extract Shot.

Preparation And Dosage Summary

Although the MIT 45 Kratom shot is one of the more popular Kratom shots and has been on the market a long time, there is zero information regarding how much alkaloids are in it, so the potency of the shot is unknown. That being said, I just drank the whole shot.

Effects And Experience Summary

Like other Kratom shots, MIT 45 is very fast acting. Notably, for a brief amount of time the effects were highly euphoric, relaxing, and energetic, which is the perfect Kratom state. However, these effects lasted much shorter than other powerful Kratom shots, perhaps for only 20 minutes, before transitioning into a mediocre experience. Likewise, effects completely wore off much quicker than other Kratom products.

Rating: 3-4 out of 5 Stars

Overall, the MIT 45 Kratom extract shot deserves 3 or 4 stars. The good aspects are that it works and is not a bunk product, it is very convenient, and the peak effects are very nice. However, the peak effects are very short-lived, and the experience in general is short-lived. There are other Kratom shots with much longer peak effects, so I prefer those.

Stay tuned for more Kratom reviews on the Kratom Cafe Vimeo Channel. I will be covering the full spectrum of Kratom products and strains, in order to help Kratom users make the best decisions when they are buying Kratom.

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