Making Kratom Tea With Actual Kratom Leaves

I have made Kratom tea several times in my life using Kratom leaf powder, and it is inherently extremely bitter. I’ve tried all sorts of ways of making Kratom tea taste better via adding tons of hot chocolate, sugar, honey, etc., and I have only managed to make the Kratom tea only marginally palatable, and never enjoyable. Ultimately, I decided toss n’ wash is far more enjoyable than trying to make Kratom tea with leaf powder.

However, this Sunday morning I have a unique opportunity. Several days ago I posted an article on Kratom Cafe discussing what it is like to chew Kratom leaves. I only used 2 Kratom leaves in that experiment, and I still have 2 left, which I have stored in a ziplock bag during the several days since then.

I wash the couple of Kratom leaves once again, just to make sure they are totally clean. I then boil a cup of water in the microwave for 2 minutes, so that it will be super hot, since I am not grinding these leaves up yet need to get maximum alkaloid extraction.

Notably, I am starting this experience completely from baseline, no Kratom in the last 24 hours, so this Kratom tea experiment should work to its full potential.

I simply drop the Kratom leaves in the hot water, and it produces an indescribable smell, something between the smell of leaves and the smell of the ocean.

I then stir the leaves with a metal knife, and the water begins to take on a greenish and then greenish-brown hue. The color intensifies as the minutes go by.

I then take the first little sip of the Kratom tea, and it has a really pleasant herbal taste. No sugar or milk needed, this taste is just wonderful. It is simply nothing like the taste of Kratom leaf powder.

The only thing this taste reminds me of is Coca tea. Even though the last time I drank Coca tea was 7 years ago, the taste of this tea instantly reminded me of the Coca tea, and now that I think about it it’s quite similar.

Even though I have only taken a few sips at this point, I notice a definite moodlift and I feel pleasantly warm. Of course, this warm sensation might just be from the fact I’m drinking a hot liquid. However, a minute later I begin to feel definitive opioid warmth. Therefore, it seems this Kratom tea is fast acting and highly potent.

Then I notice a definite surge of euphoria, and my perception shifts. At this point I’ve only drank a third of the cup.

I then quickly finish the entire rest of the cup, and I feel more and more relaxed and happy as I do so. Towards the very end of the cup there was the slightest hint of Kratom bitterness, likely due to alkaloids settling near the bottom, but I savor the taste since it is just the right amount of Kratom flavor.

After that I boil another cup of water for 2 minutes, and reuse the leaves. I stir far more vigorously this time, and the color is much stronger this time. Also the color is different, this time the color is reddish rather than greenish-brown. I take a sip and it tastes the same.

Therefore, Kratom leaves can obviously be reused multiple times to make additional cups of tea.

I gave this 2nd cup of tea to my wife, since she really wanted to try it. My wife decides to chew up the Kratom leaves first, and then drank the tea, which seems like a really intelligent way to maximize the effects of Kratom leaf.

Overall, this Kratom tea made with actual leaves worked very quickly, and after about 20 minutes I was feeling the perfect balance of euphoria, energy, and relaxation. It seems fresh Kratom leaves are more potent than Kratom leaf powder, which is the same conclusion I reached in the previous experiment where I chewed on the leaves. These leaves weighed about 1 gram, yet it feels like I took 3-5 grams of powder, despite the fact that the cup of tea I drink did not even extract all of the alkaloids, and possibly not even a majority of the alkaloids.

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