Making A Potent Cup Of Tea With Fresh Kratom Leaves

In a previous article on Kratom Cafe I chewed fresh Kratom leaves, leading to an extremely powerful experience. In this article I will be using those same leaves to brew a potent cup of Kratom tea.

Notably, the leaves are starting to age a bit even though I have kept them in the fridge, so it’s perfect to make tea with them instead of chewing them. They are still just as potent, but better suited for tea at this point. I weighed out 20 grams of leaves, which will make two potent cups of tea. The leaves I used can be seen in the below picture.

For this experiment I will be boiling the tea in a big pot on the stove. I first shredded the leaves by hand and then dumped them in. Then I added a little bit of orange juice, since the citric acid helps extract the alkaloids.

Then I cut up some fresh ginger root and poured in a bunch of evaporated milk, in order to turn this into an Indian style tea. Indeed, Kratom and ginger go really well together, and ginger always makes tea awesome.

I then heated and stirred the tea vigorously for a long time, slowly turning up the heat until bringing it to a boil for a brief amount of time. At this point I noted that the aroma of the ginger, milk, and Kratom was incredibly nice.

I then created a straining mechanism, as can be seen below, where I put a golden coffee filter into the top of a mason jar, in order to strain out the Kratom leaves and ginger.

After it was all strained I sipped on it, and it was extremely bitter, suggesting that this method definitely extracted a lot of alkaloids.

I then added a generous amount of honey and some more cream, and it went from bitter to tasting delicious, with the perfect blend of ginger, cream, and honey flavors with a hint of Kratom flavor. As far as Kratom tea goes, the tea from fresh leaves is far more palatable than the tea from Kratom powder, and in-fact delicious.

I slowly sipped on the tea, and Kratom effects came on very quickly. This is a potent brew indeed, and just what I needed to get through a hard day of work and errands.

I only drank about half a cup of this tea over the course of hours. Even though it was delicious, I respected its potency, and it wasn’t a good day to get so Kratomated that I couldn’t get my errands done. Ultimately, I was left with strong analgesic and euphoric effects, with all stress and fatigue eliminated, leading to lots of energy.

Thus, making tea from fresh Kratom leaves is an excellent idea, and I highly recommend it. Also, even if just making tea with regular Kratom powder, it seems ginger, cream, and honey are excellent things to add in, since they totally get rid of the bitterness.

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