Lucky 80 Kratom Extract Tablets Experience Report

This morning I will be taking Lucky 80 Kratom extract tablets from Zion Herbals. The reason these are named Lucky 80 is because they use a Kratom extract which contains 80% Mitragynine. This is about as high as Kratom extracts go when it comes to Mitragynine content. Notably, due to the extraction processes used to create such a high concentration of Mitragynine, most of the other alkaloids have been stripped out, and indeed this extract only has 0.013% 7-hydroxymitragynine.

Essentially, these Lucky 80 Kratom extract tablets are as close to as pure Mitragynine as possible, so they will undoubtedly be different than regular Kratom, since regular Kratom has dozens of alkaloids. That being said, Zion Herbals told me this extract has highly energetic effects, and that it provides a unique experience.

I open up the small container the tablets came in, and I notice each tablet has an ace of spades and an omega imprinted on it. I’ve read that these tablets are chewable, so I’ll be chewing the first one, although they probably dissolve just as well without chewing.

T + 0 I chew up the first tablet, and indeed this is definitely a chewable tablet. It actually tastes quite sweet, and looking at the ingredients, they put sugar in it.

I’m just taking 1 tablet for now, which has 60 mg of Mitragynine, equivalent to 4-6 grams of Kratom powder. That being said, the effect will be stronger than 4-6 grams of Kratom powder, since it is an extract and will hit all at once, rather than Kratom powder which slowly releases. Considering that, even 1 tablet can be considered a strong dose, and will possibly provide peak effects equivalent to 6-10 grams of leaf. We shall see.

T + 3 Feeling an unmistakable surge of energy, and euphoria is already building.

T + 6 Euphoria really increasing, best way to describe this is it’s like super coffee. Fatigue was wiped out within minutes, and ready to do my daily work.

I gave a tablet to my wife as well, and she said it tastes delicious and reminds her of malt tablets.

T + 13 Really in the zone. Everything just feels awesome and peaceful. Basically these tablets give an extremely serene feeling.

T + 16 Suddenly feeling that classic Kratom warmth and analgesia.

T + 22 That super coffee feeling is just going to the next level. To be more specific, it’s like all the good effects of coffee/stimulants with none of the bad effects. Basically, relaxed and calm but I have powerful energy, focus, and articulation.

T + 27 Pure Mitragynine really is awesome, and this is the first time I’m realizing that.

T + 45 Effects really intensifying and becoming more sedative as opioid analgesia increases. Feeling very cozy and warm, and all aches and pains are gone.

At this point, glad I just took 1 tablet, and I definitely won’t be taking another for this experience. 1 is quite strong all by itself!

T + 60 Very powerful Kratom effects now, with strong analgesia and significant sedation. Really incredible how it transitioned from such a high energy feeling to so sedative within 30 minutes. This is likely due to the Mitragynine being metabolized into 7-hydroxymitragynine and Mitragynine Pseudoindoxyl by the body.

T + 103 After I ate a little the sedative effects backed off, and I am powering through my daily work.

T + 120 I powered through my writing, but becoming quite tired. It’s about nap time.

T + 132 I didn’t have a chance to take a nap, since there’s so many errands to do, and strong Kratom effects continue.

Overall, this Lucky 80 Kratom extract is very strong, and just 1 tablet gave me a powerful experience, starting with incredible energy and peaceful feelings, transition to strong sedative and analgesic effects. I have a high tolerance too, so I’d recommend that no one take more than 1 tablet. All things considered, this is a very effective Kratom extract.

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