Lit Culture Butterscotch Kratom Extract Shot Review

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In this episode of SpaceMarine’s Kratom Reviews, presented by Kratom Cafe, I review the Lit Culture Butter Scotch Kratom Extract Shot. This shot contains 110 mg of Mitragynine, which is a powerful dose, and indeed the serving size recommend splitting this shot into two doses, but for the sake of documenting the full effects I drank the entire bottle.

First off, this shot had a pleasant butterscotch smell, and was in-fact the best smelling Kratom shot I’ve ever had. Within minutes of drinking it euphoria began to build, and less than 10 minutes after taking the shot my back pain was completely eliminated.

Simultaneously, my fatigue completely disappeared, and by the 1 hour mark I was surging with energy, articulation, and focus.

Towards the 2 hour mark the experience became more sedating, but it was an extremely comfortably and euphoric sedation, which is a feeling that only the best Kratom products have.

After that I went to sleep for roughly 12 hours, and woke up extremely well-rested. Also notably, the back pain I had before I took the shot completely healed, thanks to the Kratom loosening up my back muscles and helping me rest.

Overall I give this Lit Culture Butter Scotch Kratom Extract Shot 5 out of 5 stars, and it is one of the best Kratom shots I have ever had.

Stay tuned for more Kratom reviews on theĀ KratomCafe Youtube Channel. I will be covering the full spectrum of Kratom products and strains, in order to help Kratom users make the best decisions when they are buying Kratom.

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