Lit Culture Black Honey Kratom Extract Shot Review

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In this episode of SpaceMarine’s Kratom Reviews, presented by Kratom Cafe, I review the Black Honey Kratom Extract Shot from Lit Culture. This shot contains a potent dose of Kratom extract combined with cinnamon and honey, and it has a very nice flavor compared to most other Kratom shots.

Effects and Experience Summary

The effects came on very fast, within 5 minutes, starting with light euphoria and analgesia. These effects intensified into a strong feeling of energy and euphoria, which was excellent for work. Then the effects went beyond my expectations for a Kratom shot, and the euphoria hit the maximum possible levels for Kratom.

Further, the effects became so powerful that it borderlined on light intoxication, which is something that happens only during the strongest Kratom experiences. Eventually, the experience transitioned into a more relaxing and sedating state, although it wasn’t full on sedating and I was able to continue working.

Rating: 5 out of 5 stars

Overall I give the Black Honey Kratom Extract Shot from Lit Culture 5 out of 5 stars. It is very fast acting, and it provided some of the strongest euphoria that I have ever felt from a Kratom product.

Stay tuned for more Kratom reviews on the KratomCafe Youtube Channel. I will be covering the full spectrum of Kratom products and strains, in order to help Kratom users make the best decisions when they are buying Kratom.

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