Kratom tea is a popular way of ingesting Kratom since it is more fast-acting than Kratom powder and therefore can provide a stronger experience. This article contains a full guide for preparing the ultimate Kratom tea, based on a recipe that I developed after numerous experiments.

First off, you need a pot, a stove, lemon juice, and your preferred dose of Kratom. You could prepare many days worth of Kratom tea at one time as well, just titrate the amount of Kratom that you put into the pot accordingly. I usually put in 10-20 grams.

Fill the pot with water, add lemon juice, and add your Kratom. The lemon juice increases the extraction of alkaloids since it is a mild acid.

Turn the heat up on the stove and stir the Kratom into the water. Do not boil it too hard. In-fact, the best way is to stir hard for 10-30 minutes but only bring it to the lightest boil, with a little bit of bubbles and some vapor. This is because overheating the mixture can destroy the alkaloids according to a scientific study.

In the next step a metal/golden coffee filter is the best way to easily strain out the tea. Using paper coffee filters will not work well and could end up being quite messy. Affix the golden coffee filter to the top of a large cup and pour the tea through.

Notably, you can repeat the process a 2nd and perhaps even a 3rd time to make additional batches of Kratom tea.

After these steps you will have pure Kratom tea, but it is intensely bitter and not ready for drinking. The best thing you can add is hot chocolate mix, which not only covers up the bitterness, but also increases the euphoric effects of the Kratom via the Theobromine from the chocolate.

Other things that could be helpful are sugar and honey, although not too much, since it can make the tea overly sweet.

Additionally, if you want your Kratom tea to be extra strong and relaxing, in the first step where you boil the Kratom, you can add herbal teas like chamomile, valerian, kava, etc.

That’s all the steps it takes to create fantastic Kratom tea. If you are looking for another great Kratom recipe, try out peanut butter banana Kratom smoothies.