This morning I will be taking the Kratom Shot Gold Extract from Amazing Botanicals for the first time, and describing the minute by minute experience in this article.

Apparently this extract shot contains alkaloids equivalent to 10 grams of Kratom leaf, and on the website where it is sold it says most people should only take 1/2 of this shot, and only experienced users should take the full shot. For the sake of science, I will be taking the whole shot.

Also notably, this extract shot was derived from Gold Maeng Da Kratom, and specifically this extract was created via a specialized CO2 extraction process and then suspended in oil.

I haven’t taken any Kratom in a day, and it’s the early morning so my stomach is empty, so this extract shot should work to its full potential.

8:57 AM I give the shot a good shake, and then drink it all at once. Surprisingly, it tastes really good! Perhaps the best Kratom extract shot flavor that I have experienced.

9:02 AM Effects are rapidly becoming apparent now. Began with a slight sensation like something good was about to happen, and moments later I have warm opioid feelings. I feel comfortable and toasty, like I’m sitting next to a fire place in the winter.

9:04 AM Euphoria is surging in nicely. Clearly this extract is extremely potent and fast acting.

9:12 AM Strong euphoric effects now, really enjoying writing and listening to music. All of my stress is definitely gone.

9:30 AM Energy is surging. This extract definitely seems to be good for the work day.

10:05 AM I ate some food, and the calm and relaxing feelings went to the next level. Everything just feels perfect, and best of all it is really enhancing my cognitive function, making work much easier.

11 AM For the past hour I’ve been at the perfect balance of energy, euphoria, and relaxation.

Beyond this point relaxing and energetic effects continued for most of the day, so it seems this shot is not only fast acting, but also long lasting.

Overall this Kratom Shot Gold Extract from Amazing Botanicals feels equivalent to a strong dose of Maeng Da Kratom, with lots of energy and euphoria, except it is much easier to take since it comes in a delicious liquid. Aside from that, this extract is extremely fast acting compared to regular Kratom powder, with the effects coming on in less than 5 minutes. Overall I highly recommend the Kratom Shot Gold Extract, since it is one of the most convenient ways to take Kratom.