The Right Kratom Powder Dosage For Working, Socializing, And Relaxing

Figuring out the correct Kratom powder dosage is critically important. If you take too little Kratom you will not get the effects you want, and if you take too much Kratom it could lead to nausea and dizziness. Therefore, you gotta find what Kratom powder dosage is exactly right for you.

First off, the right Kratom powder dosage varies according to what you are trying to accomplish. If you are trying to get work done, then you want to take a low dose in the 1-4 gram range. This is because Kratom provides stimulation at lower dosages.

To be clear, Kratom actually provides stimulation for the first 1-2 hours even at high doses. However, if you take a dose that is above 4 grams you will likely notice significant sedation, and that would be counterproductive if you are trying to get work done.

The right Kratom dosage for social situations, like hanging out with friends and family, is probably roughly the same and is in the 1-1-4 gram range, since any more than that and you will have a strong urge to lay down after a couple of hours, and it can be unpleasant to stay up when you have that sedated feeling.

For relaxing after work, or relaxing in general, a dose in the 4-10 gram range is best. Personally I take 7 grams of Kratom, and this usually is just right for me, since it is instantly relaxing and I can do relaxing activities for 2-3 hours before going to sleep.

If you want a super powerful Kratom experience, the highest your dose should ever be is 10 grams. If you take more Kratom than that it will not work any better. Indeed, Kratom veterans often say ‘less is more‘, as discussed in a previous article on Kratom Cafe.

General Kratom Powder Dosage Guidelines

Although the previous section discussed the right Kratom dosage for different situations, it can be helpful to look at a Kratom dosage chart like this one on Erowid. Notably, Erowid has 4 different charts for 4 different strengths of Kratom, which includes ‘2014 standard’, ‘enhanced’, ‘premium’, and ‘low potency’.

This brings up the excellent point that not all Kratom powder is the same strength. Indeed, practically all batches of Kratom have a unique potency due to the conditions the Kratom was grown in and how the Kratom was shipped/processed.

Therefore, Kratom powder dosage varies from batch to batch. Further, dosage can vary from person to person, since the same Kratom can provide different effects for different people.

Due to this, it is best to start with a relatively low dose in the 1-5 gram range in order to test the potency of the Kratom. Certainly, do not take a strong dose of Kratom that you have never tried before.

In any case, Erowid says that for the Kratom which is now commonly sold, a threshold dose is 1-2 grams, a light dose is 2-4 grams, a common dose is 3-5 grams, and a strong dose is 4-8 grams. This chart is approximately correct for high quality Kratom based on my decade of experience.

Properly Measuring Out A Kratom Powder Dosage

If you are new to Kratom then it is a good idea to get a scale with 0.1 gram accuracy in order to properly measure your dose, and in-fact it is always a good idea to use a scale.

However, myself and probably numerous other Kratom users simply measure dosage with a spoon. If you do this, always use the same sized spoon, and take a level spoonful instead of a heaping spoonful. Also, for the best accuracy weigh out a level spoonful of Kratom on the scale, so that you know approximately how much Kratom you are taking with each spoonful.

Space Out Doses By At Least 12 Hours

On a final note, redosing Kratom during the same day is usually not the best idea, since the redose typically ends up being far weaker than the first dose of the day, and is not really worth it. Once again, with Kratom less is more. That being said, if you leave at least 12 hours between your Kratom doses, then the redose should work fairly well.