Kratom Peanut Butter Banana Smoothies, The Best Way To Take Kratom

I have been taking Kratom for a decade, and my preferred method has always been toss n’ wash with orange juice, at least until I discovered Kratom peanut butter banana smoothies.

For this recipe a blender is required. Take 2-3 bananas and place them in the blender. Then pour in 2-3 cups of milk. After that add Kratom. In this specific case I used a mix of red, green, and white Kratoms obtained from Amazing Botanicals as can be seen in the above picture, probably around 20 grams worth. I think anywhere from 15-30 grams of Kratom would work, but the more Kratom you add the more peanut butter and honey you need to add.

The next step is pour a generous amount of honey onto the Kratom, which helps the Kratom sink into the milk. Then add a generous amount of peanut butter, I find the more peanut butter the better basically. Finally, add some ice to the top.

It is important to completely cover the Kratom with honey, peanut butter, and ice, so that it does not fly out of the top of the blender.

After this blend the mixture until it is thoroughly blended. At this point you can drink the smoothie, and if you added ice it will be cold.

However, if you have some patience you can make the smoothie 10X better by putting in the freezer for several hours until it is mostly frozen. This can actually take 6 hours or so. After it is quite frozen, open up the top of the blender and chop up the frozen smoothie, and then blend it again. If its frozen solid adding some more milk can help this process.

The end result is practically a Kratom milkshake. It is ice cold and delicious, with the taste being like peanut butter, bananas, and cream, with just the slightest herbal taste, which actually makes it better.

This is the first Kratom drink that I have ever had that actually tastes really good, and therefore I can actually enjoy drinking it. Additional benefits are you can slowly drink the Kratom smoothie until you achieve the desired effects, and a pitcher of Kratom smoothie can last 2-3 days.

Overall, I highly recommend that Kratom enthusiasts try out this recipe. It makes the Kratom experience far more pleasant. Rather than cringing at having to do a toss n’ wash, you will be looking forward to a delicious Kratom smoothie.

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