Kratom Is More Effective And Safer Than Psych Meds For Depression And Anxiety Based On My Experience

I have been chewed up and spit out by the mental health system during my life, and ultimately I found psych meds only made my life worse, whereas Kratom has effectively cured my depression and anxiety, as will be explained in this article.

It started around the time my mom died from cancer. As her cancer progressed I went from being a successful businessperson to not really functioning, and then once she died I became completely overwhelmed with grief and depression. My family responded by having me baker acted, meaning I was involuntarily thrown into a psych ward in order to get put onto psych meds.

I received an assortment of psych meds for my depression, and they released me. My depression was not cured at all however, instead I became unhinged, and was definitely completely disabled and non-functional. The worst aspect was that my depression expanded into bipolar and anxiety, and soon enough I was thrown back into the mental hospital.

They changed up my meds again, since the reality is the psych doctors have no idea how exactly psych meds work, so each time the meds do not work they just change them, and so on and so forth. I then began to develop schizophrenia and psychosis, the medication literally took me out of this reality, and even I believed I was naturally schizophrenic, since I was basically brainwashed into believing that.

I kept getting thrown into the mental hospital over and over, and my meds kept being changed, and I only got worse. I was close to the brink of being permanently locked away in the state mental hospital.

The straw which broke the camel’s back for me was when they began to inject me with haloperidol, which was a skin-crawling anxiety-ridden hell. I couldn’t sleep, my jaw was locking up, I was losing my mind. I pretended everything was ok so I could get out and stop being injected, since even in my severely limited mental state I knew the psych drugs were literally destroying my body.

I locked myself in my condo and went cold turkey off the psych meds, I refused to take anymore, since I knew they were permanently destroying me. The withdrawal was unimaginably intense. What I experienced can only be described as total fear, but as the weeks went by I began to come back to normal. For months I was non-functional and unmotivated and depressed.

Things began to change when I met my wife, and she gave me a reason to live and brought me close to God, which greatly helped my anxiety and depression.

However, life always throws curveballs, and soon enough things were getting stressful again. We were evicted out of the condo we lived in, since I didn’t pay the mortgage for years during the time I was undergoing all that trauma in the mental health system.

I had to get back to working real quick to survive and to stay with my wife. I began working as a journalist, but things were slow. I generally lacked energy and was anxious and scared often, and this was perhaps carrying over from the psych med withdrawal. Me and my wife had to move many times since I wasn’t making enough to get an apartment.

I then remembered Kratom. I had taken Kratom for years, from the beginning of college till basically the end of college, and I remembered how much of an uplift it used to give me, and I figured it might be exactly what I need.

Through God’s divine mercy a headshop right across the street from our motel was selling Kratom, and I purchased some. I was filled with energy and happiness, and my depression, anxiety, and fear was eliminated. I began to work on overdrive, writing 5-10 articles every day, and before long we had an apartment.

Now its years later, and I take Kratom everyday, and it still gets rid of my depression, anxiety, stress, and fatigue, allowing me to work as hard as humanly possible, and to handle all of life’s situations.

I really wish I would have taken Kratom around the time my mom died, instead of being forced onto psych meds, since I wouldn’t have had to go through all that hell. That being said, I know everything is from God for my ultimate benefit, so I am happy it all happened.

Perhaps it all happened so I can tell the world this story, and to warn people who are on psych meds or thinking of getting on psych meds to try Kratom first. Based on my experience, Kratom is extremely effective for eliminating depression and anxiety. On the other hand, psych meds and the mental health system in general can make mental health so much worse, and I pray that no one has to go through what I went through, and that they can take Kratom before touching any psych meds.

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