Kratom Is Kosher For Passover

Passover is coming soon, indeed it starts on April 8 at nightfall, and from the late morning on April 8 all the way through nightfall on April 16 Jewish people are not allowed to eat chametz, with chametz being anything that contains grain that has risen or fermented.

Fortunately, essentially all fruits and vegetables are Kosher for Passover, also known as Kosher L’Pesach, as long as they have not come in contact with any chametz.

Kratom is literally the ground up leaves of the Mitragyna Speciosa tree, and therefore can be thought of as a vegetable, and at the least Kratom certainly doesn’t contain any grain, or risen or fermented grain, since it is purely a leaf from a tree with no other ingredients.

Therefore, Kratom is Kosher L’Pesach, and Jewish Kratom users can continue taking their Kratom for the duration of Passover.

That being said, Kratom users do not take Kratom straight up, and usually do toss n’ wash by drinking a drink like orange juice, or they make smoothies such as a Kratom peanut butter banana smoothie.

Both the cup and the spoon you use to do a Kratom toss n’ wash must never have come in contact with chametz, and its best to simply get foam/plastic cups and plasticware spoons in order to make sure you don’t violate any Jewish law, i.e. Halacha, when taking your Kratom.

Also, it is best to get drinks with a Kosher L’Pesach Hechsher for your toss n’ wash drink, and Kosher L’Pesach ingredients for your Kratom smoothies, since the Kosher L’Pesach Hechsher ensures that your drink/ingredients used to take Kratom never encountered chametz during their manufacturing process.

Another concern for Kratom smoothies is using a completely new blender that has never encountered chametz.

A really easy way of doing toss n’ wash in a Kosher for Passover way is to simply toss n’ wash with Kosher L’Pesach grape juice. I’ve done this plenty of times and it works well.

On a final note, Wine and Kratom really do not mix well, so if you are going to be partaking in Wine during the Passover Seder, you probably shouldn’t take Kratom that day. However, technically it is allowed to just use grape juice during the Passover Seder.

Have a happy Passover! Chag Sameach! And good Yom Tov! If you are a Kratom user and Jewish, you can have peace of mind that your Kratom is Kosher L’Pesach.

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