Kratom Is An Excellent Way To Reverse Sleep Deprivation

One of the most common Kratom related question which people ask is if Kratom is good for sleep deprivation, and the answer is a definitive yes, as described in this article.

First off, there are a couple of types of sleep deprivation. What I would call outright sleep deprivation is if someone wasn’t able to properly sleep for one or more nights. A sleep deficit on the other hand is when someone has to wake up early for work everyday, and over the course of the week the negative effects of the sleep deficit builds up.

Whether it be a sleep deficit or outright sleep deprivation, Kratom can quickly fix and reverse the problem.

If taking Kratom for sleep deprivation, I recommend a red vein strain of Kratom, like Red Bali, since generally red vein strains have more sedative effects. Then take a moderate to large dose of the Kratom, anywhere from 4-10 grams, and expect to fall asleep really hard in 2-3 hours.

Even if you are really sleep deprived, the Kratom will first eliminate your fatigue and give you some energy, making it so you feel less tired. But as soon as the sedative effects begin to hit at the 2-3 hour mark, you will begin to feel very tired. At that point you should lay down, and you will probably fall asleep within 30 minutes if not instantly.

The remarkable thing is that Kratom has such strong healing properties that you will likely wake up feeling fully rested, even if you had lots of sleep deprivation in the past week.

Notably, if you are truly sleep deprived, any strain of Kratom will work for sleep deprivation. For example, I built up a sleep deficit this past week, since I wake up before sunrise everyday to get started on work. I took some Super Green Kratom today, which should have more energetic effects, but because I was sleep deprived I got really tired at the 2 hour mark and went to sleep. I woke up feeling incredibly well rested several hours later.

Another excellent example of how Kratom is good for sleep deprivation is what my wife experienced today. She had a hard time getting any sleep at all last night, and without Kratom she probably would have stayed up all day, which would have been really stressful for her. Instead, she ate a bowl of Kratom ice cream, which was made from a full spectrum of strains. She did prayers for a couple of hours, and then the sedative effects kicked in and she slept for many hours.

Thus, I find that Kratom is a miracle cure for sleep deprivation. Basically, take your Kratom about 2 hours before you’re ready to go to sleep, and around the 2-3 hour mark you will likely go to sleep very fast. Once you wake up hours later, it is likely that your body will have completely healed and you will probably feel extremely well-rested, as if you had been sleeping properly all week.

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