Kratom Is An Excellent Tool For Combatting Opioid Addiction, But Kratom Alone Is Not Enough To Solve The Root Problems Which Cause Addiction; In This Article Are Additional Techniques To Defeat Opioid Addiction

One of the primary uses of Kratom is to overcome opioid addiction. Indeed, for this purpose Kratom is extremely effective, and Kratom has saved the lives of countless opioid addicts, since Kratom can alleviate most if not all of the physiological symptoms of opioid withdrawal, in addition to being a much safer alternative than synthetic opioids and opiates for the long term since Kratom provides pain relief and a mood lift without significant addiction.

However, I feel it is important to clarify that although Kratom is an incredibly beneficial tool for combatting opioid addiction, Kratom alone is not enough to overcome addiction. Basically, I want to emphasize that it is not always true that Kratom by itself can cure opioid addiction, and that there are other important techniques that should be combined with Kratom in order to overcome addiction.

In order to discover which techniques are useful for overcoming addiction, it is important to understand where addiction comes from in the first place. In general, addiction is caused by mental distress, such as loneliness, lack of purpose in life, stress from work, or stress from issues with family and friends.

Basically, all sorts of issues in life can cause a person to feel upset and empty, and drug addiction arises from people trying to fill the void inside of them with the euphoria of drugs.

In such a case, where someone is filling the void inside of them with synthetic opioids and opiates, Kratom can help that person to quit synthetic opioids and opiates, but it is not enough. That person will either take way too much Kratom as they constantly try to numb their emotions, and the Kratom won’t even work very well if it is overused, and that person may end up going back to using all sorts of drugs in pursuit of euphoria and numbness.

Clearly, the answer in such a case is to tackle the issue which is causing the stress and emptiness in the first place, and truly, there is no drug or supplement in the world that can fix the root source of addiction, not even Kratom.

Below is a list of important techniques that can be used in combination with Kratom to attack addiction at its source.

  1. First and foremost, getting close to God is the #1 most effective way to truly get rid of addiction. I know nowadays bringing God into the conversation is controversial, but for those of you who believe, it is quite simple. God is all powerful, and he is in charge of every rain drop that falls and every leaf that blows in the wind. In the same way, God can completely take your addiction away. It is as simple as asking God to take your addiction away, literally by having a conversation with him in your own words, and to keep talking to God as much as possible. Also, doing formal prayer to God and studying the Bible is extremely nourishing for the soul, and effective for overcoming addiction, since it provides quality meditation time where your mind and body are at peace. On a final note, getting close to God solves the root problem of addiction, since getting close to God will make your soul whole and take away the feelings of loneliness, emptiness, frustration, etc. Indeed, the combination of God and Kratom is how I overcame my addictions and stayed away from them long term, Kratom alone could not have done it.
  2. If you had being using drugs with people, completely cut them out of your life. Other drug users will try hard to get you re-addicted, and you just need to completely delete their numbers and never see them again. It may be hard to end such ‘friendships’, but remember it is a life and death decision, and they probably are not really your friends anyway and just want to do drugs with you for their own personal benefit, such as getting free drugs from you.
  3. The same principle applies to drug dealers. Delete their numbers, and possibly get a completely different phone.
  4. During your sober time mend problems with family, get close to your family, and do what you can to strengthen your family. Getting heavily involved with your family, whether it be your spouse, children, parents, or siblings, will give you a purpose and get rid of that feeling of emptiness.
  5. If your job is the reason you started doing drugs, and if your job makes you totally stressed and crazy, it is better to find a different job rather than sticking with it. The money from a job is not worth your sobriety.
  6. Drink lots of water and eat a full spectrum of foods in order to ensure you get all the vitamins and minerals you need and that your body is healthy. Don’t rely on junk food, since the feeling of unhealthiness from junk food can cause a relapse.
  7. Make a list of all of the bad things that happened to you, and bad things you did, while you were on drugs, so that you never forget. The #1 cause of relapses is people forget how bad the drugs were and just remember the euphoria. If you keep the problems that you had from drugs fresh in your mind you are very unlikely to repeat your mistakes.
  8. Exercise is good, especially light exercise like walking and swimming. Don’t become a workout junkie though, since physical stress from extreme exercise can lead to a relapse, especially when it comes to opioid painkillers.
  9. Take your Kratom regularly, like at least once a day, especially in the months after you quit synthetic opioids and opiates. The feelings of relapse will be strongest when you don’t take the Kratom. I’ve often seen people make the mistake of trying to quit the Kratom soon after quitting the opioids, leading to a relapse onto the hard drugs, so don’t make that mistake.

Thus, Kratom is an excellent tool for overcoming opioid addiction, but there are many other important things that you need to do in combination with Kratom in order to attack the root source of the addiction and make yourself whole again, since Kratom alone does not tackle the root problems that cause addiction in the first place.

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