Kratom Is An Excellent Anti-Anxiety Alternative: Scientific Study Confirms Kratom Has Anxiolytic Effects On Par With Diazepam, And Kratom Is Magnitudes Safer Than Benzodiazipines

Anxiety is a prevalent phenomena in our society, and unfortunately the primary drug that doctors prescribe for anxiety is Benzodiazepines.

Although Benzodiazepines do get rid of anxiety temporarily, that temporary relief comes at an extreme price. First off, if Benzodiazepines are used long term then an extreme physical addiction arises, an addiction so powerful that people have died from the withdrawals. Indeed, this makes Benzodiazepines even more dangerous than synthetic opioids and opiates, since at the least opioid withdrawal symptoms generally do not cause death.

Further, Benzodiazepine addiction comes with a rapidly increasing tolerance, and users will take more and more of the drugs in an attempt to relieve their anxiety/get high. This often results in a blackout sort of state where the user can end up taking the whole bottle of pills without even remembering it, resulting in all sorts of reckless behavior that can destroy their life, lead to jail, or even kill them via an overdose.

Also, if Benzodiazepines are discontinued or even stopped for a brief amount of time, the anxiety comes back worse than ever, which can lead to suicide and other problems.

Basically, using Benzodiazepines for anxiety is pretty insane considering the negative consequences, yet Big Pharma and the medical establishment continues to distribute Benzodiazepines on a mass scale.

Fortunately, Kratom is an anti-anxiety alternative. According to the scientific study ‘Anxiolytic-like effects of mitragynine in the open-field and elevated plus-maze tests in rats‘, it was found via experiments on rats that Kratom had anxiolytic (anti-anxiety) effects similar to Diazepam, which is one of the most commonly prescribed Benzodiazepines.

Based on this, the scientists called for more research to be done on Kratom’s potential anti-anxiety benefits.

Beyond this scientific study, it is well known among Kratom users that Kratom does indeed effectively relieve anxiety. In-fact, that’s one of the main effects of Kratom.

The key point is that Kratom can work just as well for anxiety as Benzodiazepines, except Kratom doesn’t come with any of the drawbacks of Benzodiazepines. Unlike Benzodiazepines, Kratom withdrawal is relatively mild and comparable to Coffee withdrawal, Kratom does not cause blackouts and life endangering behavior, Kratom works effectively long term and there’s no development of complete tolerance, and if Kratom is discontinued the anxiety may come back but it won’t be worse than before.

In-fact, all things considered Kratom is basically the miracle treatment for anxiety that medical researchers have long sought, a treatment which can relieve anxiety without causing serious negative consequences, quite unlike Benzodiazepines.

If the world was ideal, Big Pharma and the medical industry would be embracing Kratom as an anxiety treatment, but in the world we live in Big Pharma always chooses money over lives, and prefers to make big bucks off Benzodiazepines even if that causes vast human suffering and is not really effective.

The good news is that anyone out there with anxiety can easily obtain Kratom and use it for anxiety, regardless of what Big Pharma decides.

On a final note, when it comes to anxiety management, Kratom is literally saving lives, since everyone who uses Kratom for anxiety instead of Benzodiazepines avoids all of the life endangering and potentially life ending consequences of Benzodiazepines.

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