Browsing around the internet I’ve noticed lots of Kratom users saying that they take up to 30-50 grams a day, which usually involves a dosing regimen of taking 7-10 grams of Kratom like 4-5 different times in a day.

I totally understand how this happens, since I used to do that. At one point instead of using a teaspoon to take Kratom, I took tablespoons, and would take 1-3 tablespoons whenever I felt like it. The kilo completely ran out in 3-4 weeks, meaning I was taking probably 40 grams a day on many days.

I soon realized however that less is more, and the only reason I realized that is because I talked to some experienced Kratom users on the internet who tell that mantra to everyone that they can.

What this means is that by taking less Kratom, you actually get stronger effects. For example, currently I take 7-10 grams of Kratom per day, all in one dose, and it gives me very powerful effects. On the other hand, when I was taking 40 grams a day in the past, each Kratom dose only had slight, and sometimes not even perceptible effects!

Scientifically, it seems likely that the reason less is more is because Kratom naturally contains opioid antagonists including Paynantheine, Speciogynine, and Speciociliatine as explained in a previous article on Kratom Cafe.

Essentially, opioid agonists like Mitragynine and 7-hydroxymitragynine are what bring about Kratom’s opioid effects, like pain relief, warmth, and euphoria, whereas opioid antagonists actually block the opioid receptors, and diminish the opioid effects.

Therefore, there is a certain dose of Kratom where the opioid agonists can reach the max amount of opioid receptors and bring about the most effects. This is the optimum dose, and I believe it is around 7-10 grams.

Beyond this optimum dose, the opioid antagonists in Kratom block more and more receptors, so that even with an increasing dose the effects are less and less.

This is just a theory, since it hasn’t been proven in a peer reviewed scientific study. Another theory is that simply there is a dose at which all of the opioid receptors are activated, so taking more Kratom doesn’t activate any additional opioid receptors and doesn’t bring about any additional effects.

The reality is probably a combination of these two theories.

In any case, less is more with Kratom. Kratom is not something that can be taken over and over in heavy doses all day. To be clear, you could do that, but the effects won’t be nearly as strong as if you just took one big dose in a day.

In-fact, I generally recommend only taking 1 dose of Kratom in a day, and of course you can make that a big dose in the 7-10 grams range. Perhaps if its 12 hours after first the dose you could take a 2nd dose, although I find that’s usually not necessary, but everyone’s different.

Thus, to the people out there that are taking 30-50 grams of Kratom a day, you might actually get better effects if you just take the optimum dose of 7-10 grams, and then keep massive time spacing between any doses, at least 12 hours and up to 24 hours, because Kratom simply works the best at this optimum dose, and adding to this optimum dose during the same day doesn’t really bring about any additional positive effects.