Kratom Can Provide Relief From Coronavirus Symptoms, And It Has Antiviral And Immunostimulant Properties

The Coronavirus is the biggest news of this year, and its changing life as we know it at least temporarily, with schools, sports leagues, public events, and many workplaces closing down. The reason that the government is taking these measures to stop the spread of the virus is to ‘flatten the curve’. This basically means that the government is resigned to the fact that the Coronavirus will completely spread, but wants the cases to come in slower so hospitals and emergency services aren’t overwhelmed. This is because there is no vaccine for the Coronavirus, and if a vaccine is created it will take months or even well over a year. That being said, a vaccine was never created for the SARS Coronavirus, since it mutates so quickly, and that may be the case with the current Coronavirus.

Since it seems a vaccine is not coming anytime soon, I believe one of the best ways to handle the Coronavirus is to manage the symptoms with medicines. In general, when it comes to sicknesses I find that treating the symptoms leads to a more speedy recovery, since it gives the body a chance to heal.

Some medicines that I would recommend to have on hand are cough syrup which contains DXM, in order to keep cough under control and to prevent a sore throat, as well as a nasal decongestant like Phenylephrine in order to keep airways clear. Another supplement that I would recommend is Under The Weather. My mom used to give it to me every time I got sick when I was a kid, and it works. It contains dozens of medicinal herbs and supplements.

However, perhaps the primary supplement in my Coronavirus arsenal is Kratom.

First off, it is well-known that Kratom provides analgesic, sedative, and relaxing effects. The Coronavirus causes muscle aches and high fever, which can be very uncomfortable and make it hard to sleep. It is obvious how Kratom can subjectively help someone with the Coronavirus feel much better, and importantly give someone a chance to sleep even if they are very sick, giving them a chance to heal.

The efficacy of Kratom potentially goes beyond relieving symptoms according to science. A Professor of Chemistry at Tanjungpura University proposed that Kratom could be useful for combatting the Coronavirus, specifically saying “By looking at the chemical structure of Chloroquine molecules that contain secondary and tertiary amine compound structures, it can be considered to use kratom leaves.┬áBecause Mitragynine compounds in kratom are actually secondary and tertiary amines”.

Indeed, Chloroquine has been proven to be a potent inhibitor of the SARS Coronavirus, and therefore it could be effective for fighting the current Coronavirus as well, and apparently Mitragynine is closely related to Chloroquine.

Further, there are over 30 other alkaloids in Kratom, and science has proven that some of these other alkaloids can have beneficial properties for someone who is trying to overcome the Coronavirus.

First off, the alkaloid Rhynchophylline is antipyretic, meaning it reduces fevers, and therefore could be helpful for someone who has the Coronavirus, since fever is one of the main symptoms.

Even more importantly, the Kratom alkaloid Epicatechin has antiviral properties, meaning it has been shown to protect cells from the effects and spread of viruses. In-fact, Epicatechin was found to be twice as potent as the reference antiviral medication Ribavirin.

Also, the Kratom alkaloids Mitraphylline, Isomytraphylline, Isorynchophylline, and Isopteropodine have immunostimulant properties, meaning they literally strengthen the immune system. It is obvious how having a strengthened immune system can be essential for overcoming the Coronavirus, and indeed reports indicate that those with weakened immune systems are far more at risk.

Beyond the science, I have a subjective report to share. I have a friend who got very sick a month ago, when the first cases were being reported in the United States. He ended up having some sort of pneumonia for weeks, and he was coughing his lungs out and it was getting hard to breathe, which is the exact symptoms of a bad case of Coronavirus.

I reminded him that I had given him a stash of Kratom months ago, and told him to take it. As soon as he took the Kratom he began to get better, and after a few more days of using Kratom he completely recovered.

Of course, I cannot confirm if this was the Coronavirus, since he wasn’t tested, but the timing of his sickness and the symptoms suggest that it was.

Thus, there is lots of science which shows that Kratom has beneficial medicinal properties, including being antiviral, anti-fever, and an immunostimulant, and Mitragynine is closely related to Chloroquine, which has been proven to be a potent inhibitor of Coronaviruses. Further, the pain relieving, sedating, and relaxing properties of Kratom also help to relieve symptoms, giving people who are sick a chance to sleep and heal.

Considering all of this, I believe it is prudent to have some Kratom on hand during this Coronavirus pandemic.

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