Kava Extract 70% Experience Report

In a previous article on Kratom Cafe Kava was discussed in-depth, and this article describes a minute by minute experience when taking 70% Kava extract paste.

I have used Kava on and off for years, and I have generally found that Kava root itself requires a very high dose to achieve any effects. This is why I typically only take Kava extract paste, which is the most concentrated form of Kava.

In the past I’ve often used 55% Kava extract and found that it was quite strong, but this Kava extract from Amazing Botanicals is 70%, meaning the extract is 70% Kavalactones, including Kavain, Yangonin, Desmethoxyyangonin, Dihydrokavain, Methysticin, Dihydromethysticin, in addition to a dozen other alkaloids.

Therefore, this extract is truly ‘rocket fuel’ when it comes to Kava products, and Kava products don’t get stronger than this.

Opening up the extract it is basically semi-liquid, and has a powerful Kava smell. Notably, the 55% Kava paste was solid or semi-solid, but apparently ramping up the extract level to 70% turns it into a liquid.

I am starting this experience from baseline. I took Kratom in the morning, which is about 10 hours ago, and the Kratom effects are mostly gone. I am feeling weary, overwhelmed, and fatigued, and Kava is just what I need right now. Also notably, I haven’t taken Kava in well over a week.

T+0 I take a very generous serving of Kava, like a big glop of it, and put it straight in my mouth. I don’t swallow it.

T+1 minute In less than 1 minute I feel a definitive surge of euphoria and a significant change in my perception/reality. Practically instantly my feeling of being overwhelmed and fatigued is lifting, although perhaps not completely gone.

T+2 minutes My mouth is becoming very numb, which is a pleasant feeling. The numbing sensation is just as powerful as when the dentist injects my mouth with lidocaine. Indeed, Kava probably could be used as a dental anasthetic.

T + 4 minutes As my feeling of fatigue lifts away, I am suddenly filled with energy and happiness. I’m still letting the Kava paste dissolve in my mouth, it has an excellent sublingual absorption rate.

T + 6 minutes A truly relaxing feeling is washing over me accompanied by significant euphoria. It’s like I’ve been suddenly transported to a beach in Hawaii.

T + 10 minutes I finally swallow the Kava, it is bitter and Earthy, but has a far more pleasant taste and is far less bitter than Kratom powder.

T + 13 minutes A more intoxicated feeling is coming on in waves. Still 100% sober and nothing impairing like alcohol intoxication, but this could be called a buzz.

T + 15 minutes Sedating effects have really increased, I was already fatigued and tired before the experience. At least now I’m not fatigued, just pleasantly sedated and euphoric. I’m going to lay down. Notably, my entire mouth is numb.

T + 65 minutes After I laid down the Kava sedation increased, and I entered an extremely relaxing meditative state. Now I’m back up again, and the effects of the Kava are at a plateau. Overall I am feeling calm and euphoric, similar to the feeling after the peak of a Kratom dose.

Overall, this Kava was extremely fast acting with intense and rapidly shifting effects in the first 15 minutes, followed by a period of strong sedation, and then the effects transitioned into a long lasting calm and mellow feeling. As usual, Kava is perfect for getting rid of anxiety, stress, and fatigue, in addition to being a perfect solution for insomnia.

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