Intellect Tree Seed Oil, which is derived from the plant Celastrus Paniculatus, is a very powerful nootropic based on my experience yesterday. Literally within minutes it felt like parts of my brain that I hadn’t been using suddenly turned on. I felt articulate, focused, energetic, happy, and sociable. My perception even shifted, with my vision getting clearer. These effects happened within minutes, and it worked for 6 hours or so. The only thing I could compare it to is NZT in the movie Limitless. This article deep dives the science behind Celastrus Paniculatus, and will document an Intellect Tree Seed Oil experience. Celastrus Paniculatus grows throughout Asia and the Pacific at elevations from sea level up to 5,900 feet, and the Wikipedia page for it is quite sparse, only saying that it is used in traditional Unani and Ayurvedic medicine. Digging a bit deeper, Celastrus Paniculatus contains the alkaloids Celastrine, Celapagine, Celapanine, and Paniculatine. A scientific study found that Celastrus Paniculatus seed oil improves memory and learning capacity via selectively reversing the spatial memory impairment produced by the acute central muscarinic blockade. Another study found that Celastrus Paniculatus increases memory performance via increasing acetylcholine levels in the brain. Further, scientists found that Celastrus Paniculatus has anti-depressant effects via inhibition of MOA-A activity in the brain and reduction of nitrate levels in the plasma, as well as due to the interaction with dopamine, serotonin, and Gaba B receptors. Beyond the effects on the brain, the scientists also found that Celastrus Paniculatus is analgesic, anti-inflammatory, antioxidant, anti-convulsant, sedating, anti-arthritic, heals wounds, anti-malarial, anti-bacterial, anti fungal, anti ulcer, and anti Alzheimer. Thus, science has proven that Celastrus Paniculatus is an all around miracle plant. Now for the experience report. It is the morning, and I have taken no Kratom since the early afternoon yesterday, so this experience is starting completely from baseline. The Intellect Tree Seed Oil that I am using is obtained from Amazing Botanicals, and has a dropper in order to control dosage. The bottle recommends 5 drops for a moderate effect and 15 drops for a maximum effect, and no more than 45 drops in a day. I decide to use 15 drops, so that I can describe the maximum effects for this experience report. The oil itself is orange-brown, and has a very unique smell which can be described as sweet. I take the 15 drops, and the taste is not bad at all, perhaps just slightly bitter. Practically instantly my perception and vision begin to shift. Everything becomes visually clearer around me, and I get that effect like I experienced yesterday where I’m noticing things I did not see before. Also, within the first minute I am already feeling far more articulate, as well as sociable and energetic. Notably, I’m feeling warm surges as well, reminiscent of Kratom’s effects. A few minutes later the effects go beyond energy and focus, and I start becoming very meticulous. Basically, good ideas for work and life begin coming into my head, and I immediately act on these ideas, unlike my normal state where if I have a good idea I act on it at a later time, or maybe even forget the idea. Another way to put it is I am thinking very clearly, and it is like parts of my brain are unlocked that weren’t on before. Yet another way to put it is it’s like waking up. I was already awake before, but now I have access to all of my intelligence and abilities. The effects continue to increase, and I am feeling energy like a strong green strain of Kratom. I then write an article for work at lightning speed, and find myself to be more articulate and analytical than usual. Unlike usual where I am a little tired after writing an article, I continue to be full of energy. Over the next hour I write another 2 articles. I am feeling a bit tired at this point, and I remember that yesterday when I took the Intellect Tree Seed Oil I had already taken some Kratom earlier in the day. I therefore theorize that Kratom enhances the benefits of Intellect Tree Seed Oil, so I decide to take some Kratom. I choose to take some Red Maeng Da Kratom from Amazing Botanicals. This is the first time I’ve tried this Kratom, so in order to get maximum effects I am doing toss n’ wash with orange juice. This Red Maeng Da Kratom smells like it has a potent concentration of alkaloids, and it has the texture of quality Kratom. With toss n’ wash 3 level teaspoons went down easily. I then go do my morning prayers, and a sense of tranquility, warmth, peace, and contentless settles upon me. This Kratom is excellent, but also it seems the Intellect Tree Seed Oil is combining with the Kratom, leading to a perfect state of serenity. My energy, focus, and articulation is now at peak levels, beyond what it was before when I took just the Intellect Tree Seed Oil. After that I went on a long walk, and I was full of energy and highly talkative while simultaneously very calm. One thing I noticed was that my typical lack of patience was eliminated. One very noticeable effect is how well I can remember my memories. I have a photographic memory in general, but with the Intellect Tree Seed Oil I can see my memories visually at the same time my eyes are open. Basically, it’s like 2 TV screens, where 1 TV is the real world, and my memories are a different and separate screen that is dimmer. Essentially, any memory I thought of I could see it in my minds eye in full detail. To be clear, these visual memories do not overlap with or interfere with my actual vision at all, its totally separate. I then ate some pizza, and quickly after that I became highly sedated, and had to lay down, which is a common effect from strong Kratom. I felt very euphoric as I meditated, and then I began to have colorful visions. In the past when I first started taking Kratom I often had colorful visions when laying down, but in recent years that has not happened at all. I believe the Intellect Tree Seed Oil potentiated the Kratom, leading to more euphoria, relaxation, sedation, and then the colorful visuals with my eyes closed. I got up after that and felt incredibly well rested, as if I had just gotten a whole night of sleep. I was back to being energetic, but simultaneously was very relaxed. I think in general I would take Kratom first in a day, and then Intellect Tree Seed Oil later for an extra push of work, like I did yesterday. It is clear that Intellect Tree Seed Oil and Kratom potentiate the beneficial properties of each other. Overall I am very impressed with Intellect Tree Seed Oil. The effects are not subtle or near placebo like many other supposed nootropics. Instead, Intellect Tree Seed Oil provides nearly instant and long lasting memory enhancement, energy, focus, clarity, patience, sociability, and feelings of well-being. Also, it seems Intellect Tree Seed Oil combines very well with Kratom. Thus, I would recommend that anyone looking to naturally enhance their life and capabilities to try out Intellect Tree Seed Oil.