How To Properly Take Kratom, Dosage And Techniques

Kratom users, especially first time users, often ask what dosage of Kratom to take and what the best techniques for taking Kratom are. If you are a Kratom user with these questions you’ve come to the right place, since these topics will be explained in-depth in this article.

First off, the dosages discussed in this article only apply to natural Kratom leaf and not extracts. If you are using an extract the dose will always be much smaller.

For natural Kratom leaf a light dose is 1-3 grams with a heavy dose being between 7-10 grams. A light dose doesn’t necessarily mean it is a weak dose, rather lower doses of Kratom provide more energy and less sedation, while heavy doses are highly sedating. That being said, even with a heavy dose of Kratom it starts off as highly energetic and euphoric before becoming sedating.

I have taken Kratom for a decade, and while there is variation in potency between the different Kratom strains, it seems these general dosing guidelines always apply.

The best way to measure out a Kratom dose is with a scale that is accurate to 0.1 grams, and that’s what I did for the first year or so I took Kratom. However, I eventually realized that a level teaspoon of Kratom is roughly 2-3 grams. Note, this is a level teaspoon, not a heaping teaspoon. Therefore, if I am in the middle of work I take 1 level teaspoon to get the energetic effects of Kratom. If I am looking to relax and eventually take a nap I take 3 level teaspoons. I find that such a dose is appropriate when I don’t have much work to do or its the end of the work day.

Of course, everyone is different, so if you’re new to Kratom just start off with a low dose, such as a level teaspoon or even less, and slowly titrate upwards until you achieve the desired effects. However, Kratom can take 1-2 hours to peak, so wait an hour before adding to the initial dose.

Also it is important to note that taking more than 10 grams of Kratom does not have increased effects. Indeed, less is more with Kratom, and the effects can be more pleasurable with a lower dose. Basically, Kratom’s effects plateau beyond a certain dose, and taking more Kratom beyond that dose is a waste, even if you’re aiming for the strongest possible experience.

Once you got your dose figured out, the next thing to do is figure out the technique for taking the Kratom. The most popular technique is toss n’ wash, where you put the level teaspoon of Kratom in your mouth between your tongue and the roof of your mouth, being careful not to let the Kratom go all over your mouth. Then drink a drink, and get all of the Kratom in your mouth into the liquid before swallowing. The best drink by far for toss n’ wash is orange juice, specifically real orange juice that’s not from concentrate.

It can be hard to master the toss n’ wash technique, and can take some trial and error. However its a simple and easy way to take Kratom once you master it.

That being said, for new Kratom users I recommend Kratom peanut butter banana smoothies, which are discussed in detail in a previous article on Kratom Cafe. Essentially, the Kratom goes into a delicious smoothie, so you don’t have to deal with any bitter taste, guaranteeing that your first Kratom experiences will go smoothly.

In-fact, I recommend all Kratom users try Kratom peanut butter banana smoothies. I did toss n’ wash for most of the last decade, but now the smoothie is my preferred method.

Beyond toss n’ wash and smoothies, another option is Kratom pills. Kratom vendors like Amazing Botanicals offer ready made Kratom pills. With Kratom pills you don’t have to deal with any bitter taste, and its one of the best solutions for taking Kratom on the go.

There are several other more obscure techniques to take Kratom orally, but the techniques listed in this article are the best ones. It is also important to note that smoking or snorting Kratom is not effective and is a really bad idea.

Thus, measuring the proper Kratom dosage and taking Kratom is actually quite simple, and even someone who has never taken Kratom before can have a smooth Kratom experience if they follow the advice in this article.

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