How To Properly Manage Your Eating Schedule Around Your Kratom Dose For The Best Possible Effects

One of the most common Kratom related questions is if Kratom should be taken with or without food. Based on my decade of experience, there is a proper way to eat before and after a Kratom dose in order to get the best possible effects, as will be explained in this article.

Many people may assume that fasting before taking Kratom is the best way to go, but it is not. Whenever I have fasted before taking a dose of Kratom the effects come on too strong and too quick, and it can be overwhelming. Further, taking Kratom on an empty stomach can lead to nausea.

I recommend eating a little bit before taking Kratom. Essentially, if you have an empty stomach and are really hungry, before taking Kratom eat some carbohydrates, like a slice or two of bread or a granola bar, so that there is something in your stomach. On the other hand, eating something like cheese, fruit, or meat would not be that helpful, what really helps is something like bread, crackers, etc.

Another way to do it is to simply take the Kratom many hours after a meal, at the point where you’re not full but your stomach is not empty either.

Essentially, as long as there is something bready in your stomach it will basically cushion the Kratom, making it so the effects do not come on overwhelmingly quick.

That being said, do not take Kratom after eating a bunch of food, or it will not work unless you take a very high dose, and that could lead to nausea.

After taking the Kratom I recommend waiting 30 minutes to an hour before eating again, so that the Kratom has time to absorb before being diluted.

I find that eating a solid meal anywhere between 30-60 minutes after taking Kratom actually enhances the effects of Kratom, and makes the experience more smooth and enjoyable.

This is because eating at that point helps to digest the Kratom, but simultaneously slows down the absorption of the Kratom so that it does not get overwhelming.

Basically, I find that if I don’t eat at all and its been over an hour after I took the Kratom, things can get overwhelming and nausea could happen. Eating a substantial snack or meal before that happens prevents any nausea and leads to a stronger and longer experience.

Of course, everyone is different, so you should find an eating schedule around your Kratom dose that works for you via trial and error. The main points that apply to everyone are that fasting before and after taking Kratom is not a good idea, and food is important to have a good Kratom experience, with a little food before taking Kratom and then a solid meal or snack at some point after taking Kratom being the proper way to get the best possible Kratom effects.

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