How To Make Kratom Ice Cream

The recipe for how to make a Kratom peanut butter banana smoothie was discussed in a previous article on Kratom Cafe. This article is the next evolution of that recipe, which is Kratom ice cream.

Essentially, all you have to do is freeze the Kratom peanut butter banana smoothie completely, and if your recipe is right the Kratom ice cream will be ready to scoop. That being said, I’ve had times where my ice cream comes out super hard once its all the way frozen, and when that happens I ‘fluff it up’ with some milk. Basically if the Kratom ice cream is too hard you put milk in it and stir it and chop it, and the ice cream will become soft.

In this specific case I used 2-3 cups of whole milk Parmalat. Any milk would work, although I think whole milk is the best if you’re trying to make ice cream, since milk fat makes ice cream more creamy. I used just 1 banana this time, but anywhere from 1-3 bananas is good. I used lots of peanut butter, and instead of honey I used a lot of brown sugar. I think brown sugar is better than honey when trying to make ice cream. Finally, add anywhere from 10-20 grams of Kratom depending on how strong you want it to be. In this specific case I used roughly 20 grams. Then put ice on top of the Kratom so that it doesn’t fly out of the blender.

If you are impatient, like I am sometimes, you can drink a couple of cups as a smoothie right after you make it, and then put the rest away until it becomes ice cream. It takes about 6 hours for it to freeze completely.

In the past when I’ve told people about Kratom ice cream, some people would say this idea sounds gross. It must be clarified that this is not Kratom flavored ice cream, rather, it is ice cream which contains lots of Kratom but it tastes like peanut butter, banana, and cream. There really is not any Kratom taste at all.

I find this Kratom ice cream is highly effective. Just one cup, like in the image for this article, gives me the full spectrum of Kratom effects including warmth, euphoria, energy, stress relief, relaxation, and eventually sedation. A full pitcher of Kratom ice cream can last 2-3 days for me.

It is possible that Kratom becomes even stronger when it is turned into ice cream, because the freezing process bursts the cell walls of the Kratom, releasing the alkaloids. Essentially, making Kratom ice cream can be thought of as a simple Kratom extraction technique.

Overall, this is my absolute favorite way of taking Kratom. Also, this is certainly the best way for new Kratom users to take Kratom. This Kratom ice cream is delicious and enjoyable, like any other good ice cream, unlike the bitterness and hassle of toss n’ wash.

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