If you want a stronger Kratom experience, and want something beyond the effects of regular powder, then read this article. Below I describe how to make an extremely potent Kratom extract with common household supplies. Literally, you probably have everything you need to make this potent extract already in your kitchen.

The reason I made this extract is because lately I’ve been taking Kratom capsules, and I need to take around 20 capsules (10 grams) to get the Kratom experience that I want. This is just too many capsules, so I usually only take 15 and I end up with a sub-par experience. Therefore, I wanted an extract where I could take way less capsules and get the powerful Kratom effects that I desire.

Jumping right into it, I started with 100 grams of Kratom powder. I mostly used Green Maeng Da, but I also put Bali, Vietnam, Maeng Da, and a mixture of white strains and green strains. In total I used 5 strains.

With this step, have fun with mixing the strains! The more strains the better in my opinion.

The next step is to put the 100 grams of powder into a regular cooking put, and then to add an ample amount of water. Then stir the Kratom in until it’s mixed.

After that add a generous amount of lemon juice. Any other citric acid works too, including squeezing fresh lemons and limes, but I recommend lemon juice cause you should use a good amount of it, since the acid is essential for this extraction.

After that, heat up the Kratom and then boil it for 10-30 minutes, and stir it a good amount, although you don’t have to constantly stir. Don’t worry about boiling destroying the alkaloids, it doesn’t.

***Note: when boiling this mixture it can suddenly rise and boil over! Keep your eye on it and turn off heat whenever it starts to rapidly rise, and then put the heat back on once it settles down***

Then it’s time to strain the Kratom powder out of the mixture. I used a metal coffee filter, and it strained almost all of the powder out, but left a good amount of fine particles. If you want to really strain it perfectly, then use a muslin bag or a nut bag. That being said, a metal coffee filter works perfectly fine, you just end up with more extract material in the end.

Strain the mixture into another container, and I recommend two containers so you can keep straining back and forth until there’s no powder left in the mixture.

Then take the remaining Kratom powder and add lemon juice and boil it again, except this time heat/boil/stir for longer (perhaps an hour) to guarantee a complete extraction. You can see my setup above, it can get a bit messy with the spilling and boiling over.

After that strain the 2nd wash. At this point almost all of the alkaloids have been extracted, so you can throw out the remains of the powder.

At this point you will have extremely potent Kratom tea. Technically you could stop here and add things like hot chocolate and sugar and drink shots of it, and it would be really strong, just don’t drink more than small amounts of it. However, I think it’s better to go on with the rest of the extraction.

Boil down your super strong Kratom tea, which can take hours, so literally just boil it while being careful not to let it overflow. Once it gets down near the bottom turn the heat off, and be careful not to let it burn!

You will be left with a Kratom extract paste. Spread this extract paste across an aluminum cooking pan, like the picture above.

Then put it in the oven, and don’t put it at more than 200 F. In-fact, 150 F is better if possible, but 200 F was fine for me too. Bake until it dries out and cracks like mud, as seen below.

This is the finished Kratom extract. Use a metal spoon and scrape all of this extract off of the bottom of the pan. It comes off pretty easy but it could take a little while. When I weighed it out it was roughly 50-60 grams, and that was with it still being a bit moist. If fully dried it would be towards 40 grams.

At this point the extract is really hard and comes in a bunch of chips. I then put it into a bowl and used a pestle to grind it down into a fine powder.

Then I put the ground up Kratom extract into capsules, and got about 70 capsules. In the below image there’s a couple of regular Kratom powder capsules just so you can see the comparison, the extract capsules are much darker.

kratom extract tek

At this point you are done, time to enjoy your extract capsules!

Usually I need 20 Kratom powder capsules to get a strong effect, and even then the effects of Kratom powder aren’t usually super strong.

With these extract capsules I took 10 and it was extremely powerful and fast acting. I think 5-7 extract capsules is a much better dose, since 10 is overpowering. Of course, your dosage will vary, but I have a Kratom tolerance and 10 was too strong.

In the future Kratom Cafe will be posting more extraction TEKs, but in the meantime you can make this simple extract using common household items. It takes a lot of work and patience, but is totally worth it! Literally, regular Kratom powder simply cannot provide an experience as powerful as this extract, and if you use 100 grams of powder you will end up with enough kratom extract capsules to last at least a week.